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So, how can businesses transform their invoice processing to bring these benefits to fruition? Below, we’ll break down the key steps for establishing an optimal invoice processing system and examine how technology can make this easier than ever before. If you’re looking to streamline AP processes, automate invoice or payment processing, or curious about how accounts payable automation works, this is the guide for you. Not just invoices, of course—this goes for purchase orders and other supporting documentation as well. When Purple, the Utah-based company that kickstarted the mattress revolution in 2013 needed a way to reduce the massive invoice backlog they’d accumulated for their 1,350 vendors, they implemented an AP Automation platform.

Note that any place where money is handled can pose a significant risk to a business, so it’s essential to implement policies and procedures to minimize that risk. Review your accounts payable weekly to ensure there are no outstanding payments and to confirm you completed the payment. Once this happens, your AP team can handle exceptions more efficiently and dedicate time to more value-added tasks. Employers can set up dummy supplier accounts; suppliers may have their own employees who attempt the same.

You can skip the manual data entry and scan an invoice directly into a program that will immediately begin matching it with the proper corresponding paperwork. In conclusion, while the world of AP is rapidly evolving with the advent of technology, grounding operations in these best practices ensures efficiency, accuracy, and robust financial health. Leveraging tools like FormX in tandem with these practices can further amplify the benefits, driving businesses towards operational excellence in the accounts payable department. Accounts payable internal controls have been carefully developed, widely implemented, and continuously refined to protect businesses from payment risks no matter where in the AP process they originate.

  1. Embrace these recommended strategies today – unlock the potential of your accounts payable department and pave the way for financial success.
  2. From entering data and processing invoices to creating purchase orders and making payments, the responsibilities of managing AP can be overwhelming.
  3. But even as we leverage technology, grounding ourselves in tried-and-true best practices remains pivotal.
  4. AP automation software can also help by automating invoice generation, sending reminders, and tracking payment status.
  5. The significance of standardization becomes evident in how it empowers automated systems to capture and process relevant data with efficiency.

Your business should replace writing paper checks with a cost-effective electronic payment method. With global payments, foreign currency exchange is also a consideration to handle effectively when paying vendor invoices in accounts payable. Check out our AP automation system to learn accounts payable invoice processing best practices more about our accounts payable automation services. We design our business solutions to reduce manual paper processes so you can improve efficiency. We help you stay transparent and able to manage and monitor each of your duties while ensuring you have the means to stay compliant.

Once you’ve completed these steps, it’s time to update your books to reflect the most current information. After a vendor payment has gone through, you can remove it from your list of accounts payable. After verifying the accuracy of your invoices, you can initiate invoice payments to the appropriate vendors. Depending on the vendor’s preference and your payment method, you may need to notify them that payment is on its way. The first step of the accounts payable process is to create a chart of accounts, which is an organizational chart that summarizes where you record accounting transactions. Accounts payable, also known as AP, are the total debts that you owe to other businesses for products and services that they invoiced you for.

How Norbella Streamlined Its Media Payments

By completing all the fields, you’re making an electronic record of the paper invoice that can be used to summarize purchases information in any number of ways as needed to analyze your operations. Furthermore, the importance of well-defined payment terms can’t be emphasized enough in maintaining positive supplier relationships. By precisely outlining payment schedules and terms, both parties can align, resulting in reduced conflicts, reinforced trust, and a collaboration that not only smooth but also mutually beneficial.

The Demand for Faster, Error-Free, and Efficient Processes

Make sure to gather all the necessary documents, such as invoices from vendors, payment receipts, and bank statements. Verify that you have comprehensive and precise records for every transaction related to accounts payable within the reconciliation period. Errors and issues often appear during the accounts payable reconciliation process, and if unspotted or unaddressed, they can lead to bigger problems down the line. So we’ve put together 8 easy steps for making your accounts payable reconciliation easy (and accurate). QuickBooks is intuitive cloud-based accounting software that lets you organize all your business finances in one place.

Q: What is accounts payable management?

In QuickBooks Online, you can upload files as attachments to each vendor. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a box that says “Drag/Drop files here or click the icon.” Here, you can drag and drop the checklist and vendor documents or click this section to open the file explorer. In larger companies, the voucher package includes a receiving report—a document that describes the goods delivered. By matching the PO, invoice, and receiving report, the approver can determine if the bill is valid, accurate in amount and description, and not fictitious. The implementation of a standardized invoice format streamlines the entire processing workflow. It ensures consistency in the information presented and simplifies the review and approval of invoices.

Design a Process for Bill Approval Before Payment

Once you have the answer to these questions as a baseline, you can start to identify the low-hanging fruit and more complex changes before jumping in. Accounts payable controls wouldn’t be complete without a double signing policy for any payments over a certain amount. A manager or a higher-level executive can serve as effective safeguards when a lot of money is on the line.

This not only enhances the team’s efficiency but also fosters job satisfaction and motivation, creating a collaborative and empowered accounts payable team ready to navigate the complexities of their role. Audits of the AP department also provides insights into restricting access, fortifying security measures, and ensuring that the company aligns with financial regulations and compliance standards. This not only helps to steer clear of legal penalties but also contributes to maintaining a positive reputation. Technology solutions revolutionize accounts payable but their strategic integration requires careful assessment, identification of improvement areas, and compatibility with existing systems. Among the top accounts payable best practices is the adoption of standardized invoice formats. Communicate with VendorsCommunicate with Vendorsen lines of communication with your vendors can help resolve issues quickly while building strong relationships based on trust and transparency.

With AP Automation, Purple reduced the time to process invoices from eight days to three days. This allowed them to charge through their backlog of invoices without immediately hiring additional AP staff. Gain efficiency and prevent bottlenecks through streamlining of accounts payable workflows. AP automation with ERP integration eliminates the need for extra data entry into an accounting system because the data is synced between systems. To maintain vendor relationships, it’s important to address and resolve any invoice disputes as soon as possible. If a vendor issue arises where you were overcharged or a discount wasn’t applied and you make the payment, you lose the ability to argue it down the road.

Step 1. Create your chart of accounts

In turn, Geurts’s team worked with finance, supply chain, and treasury to extend those terms past a net 30. Every day companies lose money in the form of lost discount-capture opportunities. The best of today’s portals enable you to analyze payment terms, discounts taken, and new discount opportunities. Treasury can partner with AP to fold new standardization and dynamic discounting into its working capital optimization effort. In addition, when overpayment errors occur, your ERP system won’t analyze the root causes—whether human error, fraud, or duplicate records—and give you the information to fix them for good.

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