Best Office Gifts for Your Employees in 2022

Corporate gifts have gained much importance during the last years, which is not surprising. They are a great way to show your gratitude to your employees and make them feel appreciated.

There is never too late to thank them for their efforts, congratulate them, or simply show them how much you value their work. Giving attention to your employees can also enhance your business because employees who feel valued are more likely to do their job even better.

That is why we give you some wise recommendations when it comes to corporate gifts that will always make an impression among your employees:

Best Office Gifts for Your Employees in 2022


You probably think it is old-fashioned, but something sweet will always bring happiness to the face of even the most pretentious. Can anyone on this planet refuse a bar of quality chocolate or some soft-baked cookies that simply melt in your mouth?

Not to mention all those colorful Macarons or the famous Swiss truffles. If you are familiar with your employees’ tastes, you can also be creative and opt for candy bouquets or custom candy. Sweets are undoubtedly perfect for any occasion.

Your employees would definitely be happy to receive such a carefully chosen gift.

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Believe it or not, socks can be a very fancy gift, especially if they are personalized according to each employee’s personality and taste. So, suppose you know that one of your employees appreciates art, for example.

In that case, you can choose from a variety of prints that embody famous paintings and portraits, from the legendary Mona Lisa and Van Gogh’s Starry Night to contemporary paintings from artists like Feet Mondrian and Sole-Adore Dali. Or, if your employees prefer a more conformist style, you can choose from plenty of models.

It would be really fun to have that casual Friday at the office, and socks can lighten the mood.

Starbucks gift cards

Gift cards are considered one of the safest choices when it comes to presents, and they are easy to buy and use. All you have to do is pick one of the Starbucks cards available in-store or on the website, and your employees will enjoy their favorite coffee, tea, or any assortment of drinks. Mornings at the office would definitely become much more productive.

Starbucks is always a good idea, so do not hesitate to give your employees a gift card.


Books are also perfect for gifting, especially because they can be adapted to every taste. If your employees are interested in literature, you can give them classics, such as Pride and Prejudice, The Great Gatsby, Moby-Dick, and Great Expectations, but you can also surprise them with self-improvement and personal development books.

You can opt, for example, for books meant to improve their business perspective or make them get ahead in business.

As books’ main purpose is to develop their general knowledge and entertain them, employees will always appreciate this kind of attention.


Here the spectrum is quite wide, but wine bottles are very popular among gifts in general. An enthusiast will always appreciate the taste of quality wine. A bottle of wine is a smart option because there is no pressure to open it exactly at that moment.

On the contrary, the recipient can enjoy the wine many years later. You do not even have to worry about the packaging because, thankfully, there are many bottle bags options from which to choose.

Creatively packed bottles would definitely impress your employees, and you will certainly receive only praise.


Mugs are an excellent idea for gifts mostly because they are very useful and adaptable. Besides the general use, that is, of course, drinking, there are multiple purposes a mug can be used for, such as storing pens and pencils, serving desserts, measuring out ingredients for recipes, and even turning it into a planter for herbs.

Personalized mugs can also show your employees that you are really thinking about their preferences and hobbies.

Giving mugs as corporate gifts can symbolize gratefulness towards your employees.


Be they potted plants or fresh cut flowers, plants simply bring color and light into your workspace. We all know that plain office space might be boring, especially if you have to spend much of the day there.

So, cheer up your employees’ office and give them plants, such as succulents, air plants, or even orchids, whose spectacular flowers will absolutely bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Being classic gifts, plants cannot disappoint anyone, so consider this option if you do not have any idea of presents.

Self-care products

You should help your employees put themselves first, and giving them self-care products would be a wonderful way to do that. Bath salts, for example, are a relaxing way to spend the evening, having exfoliating and detoxifying properties. So, every person, including your employees, would be more than grateful to receive such a gift.

Sheet masks are also popular among presents because they deeply moisturize the skin. Moreover, products such as hand creams, sunscreens, and body lotions are a must, no matter the season, so it will not be so difficult to choose a suitable gift.


Candles are usually associated with coziness, relaxation, and a general state of well-being, especially if they are perfumed. There is a variety of scents you can choose from, from woody and earthy to floral and fruity fragrances.

So, you can personalize candles according to your employees’ personalities. 

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All that being said

You should not hesitate too much on what gifts to give your employees, as there are multiple options to choose from. From classics such as books, sweets, and wine bottles to socks, candles, and gift cards.

Also, by personalizing them, you give your employees some unique presents they will never forget.

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