Bob Saget talked about mortality and helping others in a podcast before his death


“I actually believe I’m just starting, because I haven’t made a movie that I feel hit everybody, and I want to do a couple of those,” he said in the podcast, released Thursday. “And some people spend their whole life doing many movies.”

Saget talked of directors he admired who he said were at “the top of the mountain.”

“I want to do a couple of those movies,” he said. “I know I have it in me.”

He also discussed mortality, and talked about how at his age and after therapy, he was living life differently.

“We’re all rethinking what we said 20 years ago, 10 years ago, four years ago,” Saget said. “I’m not even rethinking it, I just don’t have the same way of doing humor or conversation.”

His 60th birthday party, thrown for him by his best friend and “Full House””Fuller House” costar John Stamos, made Saget realize how much he had affected others’ lives.

“It’s like [the film] ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ [the character] George Bailey … wants to kill himself. The movie starts, he’s on a bridge. He’s going to kill himself,” Saget said. “And then an angel takes him through his life and shows him what would’ve happened had he not existed. And I know for a fact that I have helped people.”

That became clear immediately after his death, when there was an outpouring of affection from fans and other comedians about Saget’s kindness and influence.


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