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“The Home Edit’s” Clea Shearer has started chemotherapy in her battle against breast cancer.

Shearer, one of the co-founders of The Home Edit and the Netflix show of the same name, took to Instagram Thursday to tell her followers what was going on.

“Today marked my first day of Chemo. As the day approached, I started sleeping less, worrying more, and even had one big tantrum last night that I can only describe as a child who’s next in line for a huge roller coaster, and last minute screams, “I can’t do this!! Let me off!” No one was letting me off the ride, but everyone let me cry as long as I needed to. When I was done, I picked myself up, took a walk with the kids, and laughed at Sutton’s jokes. There’s no better medicine than a walk and a laugh,” she wrote.

Shearer continued: “I showed up for my transfusion today with my chemo bag full of so many blankets, snacks, and supplies, that I’m sure it looked like we were planning on staying the week instead of 4 hours. They escorted me, my mother, and John to my infusion room and started going through the medical cocktail I was about to receive. It doesn’t help with the nerves that this treatment is called the Red Devil. When this is all over with, I’m going to work on a rebrand… that name sucks.”

Shearer said that she started to relax once the infusion started and that she had plenty of snacks on hand.

“Once the infusion started, I began to relax. I was in a very comfy recliner (I’m going to need to name this one too) that even had massage and heat settings… and there were warm blankets and snacks! I read a book, watched Netflix, and then it was over. And now I get to play the very fun game of: ‘Is this a side effect?’ for the next 5 months. But right now I’m only focusing on today, and today I feel pretty decent! I’ll take the win where I can get it.”

Last month, Shearer revealed that she has been diagnosed with invasive mammary carcinoma, and she underwent a double mastectomy in April.


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