Is A Star Is Born Movie on Netflix? Lady Gaga 12 Songs, Soundtrack & Cast

a star is born on netflix

A Star is Born is a musical romantic movie. It is directed and produced by Bradley Cooper. The story of the movie follows a musician who helps a young singer find fame as age and alcoholism send his own career into a downward spiral.


A famous country-rock artist “Jack” secretly fighting alcohol and chronic drug use plays a show. His principal support is Bobby, his administrator, and his more established stepbrother. After a show, Jack goes out for beverages and visits a drag bar where he observes a recognition execution to Edith Piaf by Ally, who functions as a waitress and vocalist lyricist.

Jack is flabbergasted by her exhibition, and they go through the late evening conversing with one another, where Ally discusses her ineffective endeavors in seeking after an expert music profession. Ally imparts to Jack a few verses she has been dealing with, and he discloses to her she is a capable lyricist and ought to play out her own material.

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Jack welcomes Ally to his next show. In spite of her underlying refusal, she joins in and, with Jack’s consolation, sings Shallow in front of an audience with him. Jack welcomes Ally to go on a visit with him, and they structure a close connection.

In Arizona, Ally and Jack visit the farm where Jack grew up and where his dad is covered, just to find that Bobby had sold the land, and it was changed over to a breeze ranch. Infuriated at his treachery, Jack punches Bobby, who therefore stops as his administrator. Prior to doing as such, Bobby uncovers that he educated Jack about the deal, yet Jack was too intoxicated to even consider taking note.

While on tour, Ally meets Rez, a record maker who offers her an agreement. Albeit noticeably disturbed, Jack actually upholds her choice. Jack proposes to Ally with an offhand ring produced using a circle of a guitar string, and they are hitched that very day at a congregation served by a relative of Noodles.

During Ally’s exhibition on Saturday Night Live, Bobby accommodates with Jack. Afterward, Ally and an intoxicated Jack have a quarrel over Ally’s developing creative achievement. At the point when she goes up in front of an audience to get her honor, and actually intoxicated Jack stumbles up to her, where he freely wets himself and drops. Partner’s dad, Lorenzo, castigates a semi-cognizant Jack, while Ally endeavors to help Jack calm down.

Jack sorrowfully apologizes to Ally for his conduct. While getting back, Jack concedes to Bobby that it was him he adored and not their dad. Partner requests that Rez carry Jack to perform with her European visit, and Rez declines, provoking Ally to drop the rest of the visit so she can really focus on Jack.

Yet, after Ally leaves, he hangs himself in their garage. Partner, anguish stricken and miserable after Jack’s self-destruction, is visited by Bobby, who reveals to her that the self-destruction was Jack’s own shortcoming and not hers.

The end scenes uncover a flashback of Jack dealing with a melody about his affection for Ally, which he never completed the process of composing. Partner sings this tune as an accolade for Jack, presenting herself interestingly as Ally Maine. The movie ends with a nearby Ally admiring the sky.

Movie Review

A Star is Born is really an interesting story. Bradley Cooper, who directed and stars with Lady Gaga, makes thrills with an immovable faith in an older style, large inclination film. It’s an ideal film about adoration, music, and dreams. You can Watch A Star is Born on Amazon Prime or Netflix.


  • Bradley Cooper as Jackson “Jack”
  • Lady Gaga as Ally Maine
  • Sam Elliott as Bobby Maine

a star is born on netflix

  • Rafi Gavron as Rez Gavron
  • Andrew Dice Clay as Lorenzo
  • Anthony Ramos as Ramon
  • Dave Chappelle as George
  • Drena De Niro as Paulette Stone
  • Greg Grunberg as Phil

A Star is Born Soundtrack

Here is the Soundtrack of A Star is Born, listen to all songs from the movie “A Star is Born”. Lady Gaga performed 12 songs for the movie. The Lady Gaga Songs include Shallow, I’ll Never Love Again, Before I Cry, Hair Body face, Why Did You Do That, Is That Alright, I Don’t Know What Love Is, Heal Me, Look What I Found, Always Remember Us This Way, Music To My Eyes & Alibi. All other Songs list is below:

  • Shallow
  • I’ll Never Love Again
  • Always Remember Us This Way
  • Is That Alright?
  • La Vie En Rose

  • Black Eyes
  • Look What I Found
  • Maybe It’s Time
  • Heal Me
  • I Don’t Know What Love Is
  • Before I Cry
  • Out of Time
  • Alibi
  • Music to My Eyes
  • Diggin’ My Grave
  • Why Did You Do That?
  • Hair Body Face
  • Too Far Gone

Frequently Asked Question’s

  • Is A Star is Born on Netflix?

    Yes, A Star Is Born is available on Netflix, but not in every country but in some specific countries.

  • Is a star is born on Amazon Prime?

    Yes, A Star is Born is available on Amazon Prime to stream.

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