Kody Brown faces forehead slappingly obvious question in new ‘Sister Wives’ tell-all preview


In a just-released preview for Sunday’s episode, via E! Online, host Sukanya Krishnan grills polygamist patriarch Kody Brown about his communication with wife Christine Brown, who announced in November that she was splitting from her husband of 25 years.

Kody claims he’d been hearing from other members of the family that Christine had been talking about separating and says the gossip left him feeling like she was “stabbing me in the back.”

“Did she ever hear you say, ‘I don’t want you to leave’?” Krishnan asks him.

“No,” he replies.

This obtuseness from Kody shouldn’t shock regular viewers. After all, this is the man who in the same interview admits that he was withholding sex because he thought it would make his wife “address the rumors that I’ve been hearing from the kids” about her possibly leaving him. Instead of, you know, asking about the chatter.

To catch up the curious, the interviews come after a season that saw the Brown family — made up of Kody, his four wives and gaggles of children — navigating the coronavirus pandemic.

With four separate households following their own sets of rules and Kody failing to control the households and people in them to his satisfaction, tension grew among family members and, especially the parents.

Christine and Kody’s lack of intimacy and their differing feelings on pandemic safety measures have also been points of contention for that couple during the current season.

“Sister Wives” airs on TLC. The first two installments of the tell-all specials — full of tears and polite savagery — are available to watch on Discovery+, as are the current and past seasons.


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