Prince Harry’s 9 Most Scandalous Antics

The funniest representative of the British crown, who has always been in trouble and fell in the mud, for several years keeps the image of an exemplary family man, being away from the safest betting via 22Bet best online worldwide bookmaker, and parting in crowded clubs.

Even in his personal life, the prince didn’t betray himself and was original in his choice of a lady of the heart – he fell in love with Meghan Markle even two years before they met, watching the television series “Suits”, and then asked a mutual friend to organize a meeting with the girl at a party.

Prince Harrys 9 Most Scandalous Antics

The continuation of the story is well known.

Fighting the Paparazzi

The prince once got angry with reporter Chris Ankle and chased him for several blocks to teach him a lesson. Harry eventually caught up with him and gave him a good beating.

After this incident, the prince repeatedly attacked the paparazzi. So, in October 2004, Harry punched another intrusive reporter in the face and received a camera to the head in return.

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Ethics Issues

There have been incidents that can’t be called funny – they at one time noticeably damaged the prince’s reputation, but fortunately, he managed to explain himself and settle the disputes.

In 2005, Prince Harry caused a huge scandal when he arrived at a “Colonial and Native” themed party wearing an African Wehrmacht Corps uniform with a swastika on his arm.

The reason for the fuss was the fact that Harry had the misfortune to wear a swastika on Holocaust Memorial Day. All ended well, and the prince’s official apology was accepted by the Jewish community.

Later, the prince was again accused of racism when he called a fellow officer on camera the derogatory word Paki, meaning a person of Pakistani origin.

Moreover, he pointed at the young man and said he was a raghead, the British pejorative term for people who wear scarves and turbans for religious reasons.


Harry once entertained his secular dinner guests with a very unusual drink. On the table in front of each guest, there was a glass with a goldfish in it.

Harry did not think long and drank the contents of the glass together with the fish to the storm of applause of those present.

A Lover of Music and Partying

More than once the prince’s bodyguards had to shoot him from the stage at concerts and music festivals and force the audience to erase the compromising pictures.

Thus, one festival guest, who was forced to destroy the photographic film, said: “I had to delete everything: the bodyguards thought that in the background you could see Harry inhaling laughing gas! And I didn’t even try to take his picture!”

To stay out of the paparazzi’s lens, Harry made his way to his favorite London clubs Box, Raffles, and Maggie’s via fire escape ladders. By the way, indulging in party fun, the prince has fallen into swimming pools more than once, and once drank champagne out of a prosthetic leg on his way to the South Pole.

At Christmas, which the prince celebrated in a military unit, Harry delivered a holiday breakfast to fellow soldiers wearing a Santa Claus hat with pigtails.

Harry and Meghan Signed a Contract With Spotify but Made Only One Episode Instead of a Season 

In December 2021, it became known that the Duke of Sussex’s big contract with streaming platform Spotify was in jeopardy. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were supposed to record a season of the podcast that would have cost the company £18 million (or £500,000 a minute!), but the couple recorded a single 35-minute episode for the year.

Salute, Harry

In 2012, Harry was photographed naked at a private party in Vegas while running around the house with a pool cue and hitting on an unknown girl. Before playing strip pool, Harry organized a swim in jeans in the pool with Olympic champion Ryan Lochte. While Harry was tormented by the torment of conscience, a Facebook group called “Support Prince Harry with a Naked Salute” appeared.

Hundreds of military personnel and ordinary sympathizers posted naked pictures of themselves saluting Harry while covering themselves with flags or guns.

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Merry Christmas

For Christmas, Prince Harry presented his grandmother with a shower cap that read, “Isn’t life a bitch?” We hope the queen uses the gift for its intended purpose.

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