To Reach Your Audience In Dallas, Think Like A Tourist

Everything is bigger in Texas. It’s the state mantra, and there may be truth to that, especially in Dallas. 

And it’s the most wonderful time of the year – well if you’re a sports fan. Imagine being in Dallas to see the Mavs play on Friday, the Dallas Stars play on Saturday, and catch the Cowboys on Sunday. 

For the avid sports fan, that golden trifecta is possible. But there’s simply so much opportunity in and around Dallas for tourists, residents, and businesses.

In a metropolitan area as large and diverse as Dallas, it can take time for advertisers to reach their audience. 

But there’s ample opportunity to try and reach your audience. Again, with just about 2 million people in the city and an additional 7 million in the surrounding areas, it’s about choosing what medium makes the most sense. 

For advertisers worried about their messaging getting lost in all the noise of radio and TV spots, there is an alternative instead. One option is to present your message in more areas and in more passive ways. 

For example, you can use outdoor advertising Dallas billboards to reach drivers and looky-loos. 

And reaching your audience is about understanding what they want to do. 

For tourists who may be tired from a long day or want something other than a sporting event, there is plenty of things to do while in Dallas,

For example, people may choose to relax in the hotel and check out award-winning TV shows like Ted Lasso, The Crown, Yellowstone, or others. So you’d want to find ways to target them where they are, in the hotel. 

So to reach your audience more effectively, you need to think like your audience and their behaviors, which is why we composed a list of top things to do in Dallas.

To Reach Your Audience In Dallas

Understanding the audience’s behaviors gives you better ideas of where to post your messaging. 

Top Things To Do In Dallas

Reunion Tower:

This iconic landmark right in downtown Dallas is next to the Hyatt Regency hotel. The 470-foot-tall observation tower provides a full 360-degree view of Big D’s skyline with both indoor and outdoor viewpoints.

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Fort Worth Cowboys:

In the Fort Worth stockyards, the history and splendor of Texas are well-preserved for display. You can catch the rodeos, working cowboys, cowgirls, and the Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame. 

Dealey Plaza:

For the sad history of the area, check out Dealey Plaza and tour the site where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

The guided tours will lend insights into how it happened and what was found, and you’ll visit the Oswald Rooming House with its 6th-floor museum with artifacts and items from that fateful day. 

AT&T Stadium:

The wonder of Dallas, Texas is AT&T Stadium, jokingly referred to as “Jerry’s World,” the largest dome-shaped stadium in the world.

It has interactive displays and classrooms, a colorful art museum, Dallas Cowboys history, and much more. 


For thrill-seekers, there are plenty of sky-diving operations to choose from where you can experience Dallas from a birds-eye view. Check out Dallas and the surrounding areas during freefall starting at 14,000!

Ascend Camp and Retreat:

Southwest Dallas is home to forested hills and horse riding trails. Ascend Camp provides horse rentals and guided rides throughout the area for experts and novices alike. 

The retreat offers ample places to explore, relax, and recharge in mother nature, and there are fun things like archery, bubble soccer, a rope course, and more for the entire family to enjoy. 

Legoland Discovery Center:

Explore your creative side and get in touch with your inner child at Legoland’s Discovery Center. The park provides family-friendly entertainment, incredible lego displays, 4D cinema, a soft play area for younger kids, and more. 

Sea Life Aquarium:

Take some time to enjoy the sea life and educate yourself about our underwater neighbors at Sea Life Aquarium.

Interact with over 5,000 sea creatures and take the immersive experience of the 360-degree underwater shark-infested tunnel. 

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Dallas Museum of Art:

For the art lovers in your family, the Dallas Museum of Art houses artifacts and art from the area’s history. Also, check out modern and contemporary pieces, including artists from around the world. 

By learning to think like a tourist, your messaging is more adaptable, and you can find good places to put your ads out in front of your audience in ways that meet them in activities they’re doing. 

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