How is Work Life in Sur?

Sur is a city in Oman, that can give you a livelihood for which it is worth going there. Today it is the main center of boat and sail building, a local type of boat that is called “dhow” is also build thereby citizen masters and foreigners too.

These types of boats are delivered to India, China, Zanzibar, and other countries. This type of work is one of the main jobs here. Researching from this offer you can already notice several ways to get money.

What About Working in Sur?

In order to build a boat, yacht, or other seaworthy transports, of course, an architect is required who can accurately and correctly first fold and only then build what is needed. For such work, a designer with good imagination and experience is also necessary. It is an unusually difficult, amazing, interesting, and highly paid profession and, moreover, the most popular and respected in Sur.

A professional sector of jobs in Sur Oman includes a number of other works. Examples are computer and telecommunication jobs, construction, healthcare, hospitality, accounting, purchasing, design, customer services, engineering, and a lot of others kinds of jobs.

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Teaching jobs in Sur are made for ones that are creative, kind, and love to teach. If you do not know how to behave with children in the right way or you are not experienced enough, find something more suitable for yourself.

If you handle two years’ experience as a receptionist – the Sur hotels will be glad to have you. Hotels are always looking for a person with a diploma or graduate degree. The work of a receptionist is becoming more automated – often his workplace is equipped with a computer, a multimedia telephone system, and so on.

In this case, of course, the employee is required to know the computer and other office equipment. The daily duties of the receptionist can be modified depending on the specifics of the work of the organization.

Let’s move to some proposals on the electrical engineer. The salary is paid by contract, about 400 – 600 OMR. Make sure that you know at least basic English. Electrical engineers are engaged in the adjustment, repair, and regulation of electrical appliances, electrical circuits in various equipment.

Their responsibilities include connecting and disconnecting switchboards at commercial facilities, routing cables and wires at commercial facilities, and other electrical work. These engineers work 40 hours a week and share accommodation with others.

There is still such a workplace as a salesman. This is the name of a person who works in a trading enterprise and provides a number of services to the buyer. In particular, its functions include assistance in making a purchase and selecting goods as quickly and as comfortably as possible, as well as determining their weight, price, and packaging.

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Employers offer you as a salesman flexible work hours, accommodation, transportation to and from work, and medical insurance.

Sur isn’t the worst place to get a job, if you learn about this city, you understand that you can get really great work as well as you can get a big development.

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