8 Benefits of Using PDF If You Have an Online Business

Online businesses are thriving now more than ever. Even before the coronavirus pandemic, e-commerce platforms were highly successful as they played into customers’ demand of receiving a product or service almost immediately.

Indeed, instant gratification and convenience are the main contributors to why consumers started to order things online or access services with the touch of a button without having to leave home for every aspect.

These days, the coronavirus pandemic forced many businesses to shift their operation in the online environment, which has made managers realize that there is an opportunity for growth even if the business doesn’t operate from a physical space. Some companies have remained with this online approach, while others opted for a hybrid paradigm of combining online with offline.

So, with the realization of the benefits of working remotely, new businesses or start-ups are choosing to adopt online practices entirely. In this case, it is of the utmost importance you make use of various digital tools and software programs to facilitate the running of the business. Not only this, there are even more outsourcing efforts happening mainly because of this virtual way of working. As shared by Sumatosoft, both got their own pros and cons, because of such a change of work behaviour, the importance of getting digital tools for your business can become a real cost saver in long run.

One of the digital tools that can support an online organization’s operations is Google Drive, where you can use every document format, like Word, Excel, or PDF. The latter document format is probably the most useful one there is, given it ensures visibility without issues. 

8 Benefits of Using PDF If You Have an Online Business

Without further ado, here are eight benefits of using the PDF document format if you wish to start an online business or you already have one and need to use reliable files:

1. Portability and reliability stay at the core

The main features of PDF files are portability and reliability. This means that when you use PDF to convey information of any type, you have the assurance that the fonts used or the layout was chosen will remain unchanged. In comparison, Word documents sometimes have the issue of disrupting tables or images or the overall structure.

When you have an online business, you rely on sending documents to your team members or partners that contain the entire information. For this reason, PDFs are the most reliable and portable option. No matter the type of content, you know for sure that they will remain as they were created and intended to look like.

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2. Highly compatible with any device or version

Regardless of the type of device you use to create or open a PDF file, you have the assurance that the document is visible unless it is password-protected, which is a specific feature for PDF. The compatibility of the PDF format is universal, not solely related to different devices.

This means that compatibility is guaranteed no matter what browser you use or what app or digital tool you upload it into. Therefore, it supports contents of all kinds, from text to photos, tables, and other graphics, but it can also be opened on any device or tool. 

3. Useful for creation

Another helpful feature of PDF is its ability to create it from different apps or programs. This means exporting or transferring the file as a PDF. For instance, graphic designers who use programs like Photoshop or InDesign prefer exporting their designs to PDF.

This is closely related to the fact that this document format supports designs like logo creation, edited photos, or projects like brochures or magazines. As mentioned before, PDFs are reliable with all kinds of fonts, photographs, or graphics. 

4. High-quality editing features

PDF file formats allow users to do various actions on the document, like annotations. This supports giving detailed feedback, which is extremely important in an online business. Let’s say you are in the middle of a complex project, and there is an extensive team working on it.

It is vital to keep track of its progress and make any editing necessary while the project is still ongoing, like highlighting areas for improvement. Otherwise, you risk overseeing essential details. If you wish to edit, split or merge PDF files, you can do so by using various online services.

5. Freedom of adjusting the file’s size

There might be times when the PDF file you created has quite a large size. This makes it difficult to share or send via email or communication tools and apps. For this reason, you have the ability to decrease the quality of a PDF file format.

Once you do this, the size of the PDF is significantly lower, making it easy to send and share on the apps mentioned above or tools. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about not being able to share vital information with your employees, partners, or clients you work with. 

6. It is password-protected

Depending on the type of business you have, it may be necessary to send files that cannot be opened easily by anyone. For example, if you need a client’s personal information to sign a contract, you may want to value that client’s privacy.

In this case, creating a password-protected PDF document ensures that a person’s contact details are away from prying eyes. It doesn’t have to be classified information to keep specific details protected and secured, especially if you are sharing that file via digital tools. PDF’s security feature allows users to put a password on a file. 

7. PDF has a versatile nature

As mentioned above, you can use the PDF document format for anything you want. There isn’t a content type that PDF files don’t support, from plain text to reports with many tables and graphics, presentations, or entirely visual projects.

This versatility is extremely useful for online businesses, freelancers, or students. On top of this, you never have to worry about the contents being changed, replaced, or deleted due to lack of reliability or device compatibility.

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8. Using PDFs is a sign of professionalism

Last but not least, using PDF files, whether for a presentation or when you are working on a project in a team, shows professionalism. Its clean layout, easy-to-use interface, and many valuable features give the impression of being committed.

Given its sleek appearance and all the reasons mentioned before, there is no denying that using the PDF document format is beneficial to an online business and supports its seamless running.

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