Dreaming of A Walk to Remember Wedding? Trends to Follow in 2022 for a Majestic Wedding

Is the Big Day finally approaching? You must be waiting for it with enthusiasm, but you are probably a bit anxious, too.

Soon-to-be-wedded couples are now looking for ways to make their wedding more friends- and family-focused, incorporate generous personalized touches, and treat their guests handsomely. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed how marriages are treated in 2022, and it’s normal.

After years of harsh restrictions, it has finally come the time to organize your dream ceremony. Tradition is no longer a priority in these testing times: today’s wedding boom is characterized by color, personalized details, destination events, garden parties, and interactive entertainment.

This year is going to be a memorable one, so if you are looking for unique wedding trends, you’ve come to the right place.

Dreaming of A Walk to Remember Wedding

Keep reading to find out what trends are announced to change the game this year and beyond!

Intimate weddings

More and more soon-to-be-wedded couples embrace the intimacy of a micro-wedding, and for a good reason. If there’s something these harsh times have taught us is that we should appreciate the presence of our loved ones more.

Thus, having a small wedding guest list not only allows you to treat every guest with more attention but also eases your decorating process. Ariana Grande’s intimate wedding proves that less is more: the celebrity invited less than 20 people to her wedding ceremony and declared that everything was just perfect.

We don’t tell you to delete half of the guests from your wedding guest list, but we only advise you to think about the people you really want to celebrate with. And forget about making a wedding for money: your memories are those that will persist, not money.

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Bridal goes Bridgerton

You must have heard about Bridgerton at least once since it is on everyone’s lips. The show is not only a tribute to the extravagance of the 1800s but also a great wedding inspiration.

Bridal gloves, pearl veils, and puff-sleeved wedding dresses are in high demand, with more and more brides-to-be looking for glamorous clothing pieces for their long-awaited day.

Bridalwear brands like Clover London have known a significant demand in Regency-inspired bridal attire, declaring that sleeves have a real moment. Textures like embroidery and beading have also become increasingly popular, helping the newlyweds enter the posh world of the Regency era.

Colorful décor

Experts agree that color will be one of the biggest wedding trends in 2022. Color is now gaining ground, and this concept is starting to be seen as a victory against the Covid-19 pandemic. Color is joy and magic, which we need after these challenging times of restrictions.

White weddings are, without any doubt, a classic that will never go out of style, but colors will surely have a voice in the coming years. More hues have started to be seen at small and big weddings, which is encouraging. Thus, if you want to embellish your wedding décor with some vibrant shades, you are invited to do so.

One of the most beloved nuances is green due to its naturalness and richness. Besides, it goes with everything, so you no longer have to worry about combos. Is it the stand-out shade of 2022? Well, it is definitely something!

Neutrals like ivory, beige, cream, and gray are always a viable option to add a bit of color but subtly. This year, a muted baby blue is also among the top preferences due to its soft aesthetic. So, if you’re looking for a timeless look in a neutral palette, these shades may be perfect for you. Want to impress your guests? Then go to the next level with a bright pop of color.

Whites, for example, look great combined with splashes of marigold or chartreuse and the famous blushes with a touch of regal red. Ribbons are an excellent way to add color, so ensure you include some colorful ribbons in your décor; the options are many – from tulle and lace to satin ribbons.

The great outdoors

Spending so much time in many couples out there reconsider their options in terms of wedding setting. Thus, outdoor environments have started to gain ground, becoming one of the most preferred variants this year.

A garden ceremony gives a sense of familiarity, peace, and naturalness to a wedding, so if you’re dreaming of a quiet wedding, an outdoor setting may be the right thing for you. If you’re searching for some forest wedding inspiration on Pinterest, you may want to host your venture in a nearby forest. This way, you enter the atmosphere of a fairytale with its country charm and blend of romance.

Remember that we talked about intimate weddings? Well, a forest wedding is something that you don’t want to miss if you strive for an intimate venue. Rustic venues like vineyards and barns are also unique expressions of your connection with nature.

Themed parties

If you’re bored of classic wedding parties (which often do not even take place), a themed party is an excellent way to get out of your comfort zone. The possibilities are countless: you can transform your wedding either into a masquerade or rhinestone rodeo, depending on your preferences.

You can also organize a movie-themed wedding, so if you have a favorite movie, don’t hesitate to take it as inspiration for your Big Day. Whether you use your favorite lines for your vows or make your dress code accordingly, now having a movie-themed ceremony is not that impossible.

Just make sure you organize your time properly and talk to your event planner to see if they are disposed to hold a themed party.

Other exciting trends for 2022 include virtual save-the-dates, destination weddings, hanging flowers, and champagne towers, but we will talk about them next time.

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Organizing your wedding is one of the most exciting experiences of your life, but the choices and decisions you have to make can seriously confuse you. We hope you find our wedding recommendations helpful and worth putting into practice.

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