The Best Casino Movies You Should Watch

Casinos are growing and becoming a leading entertainment industry loved by many people.

The popularity of casinos today grows even stronger thanks to the explosion of the internet with reputable online casino sites that players can join anywhere and at any time, such as Vwin Thailand Betting Site (in Thai means เว็บไซต์เดิมพัน Vwin Thailand), not only that, casino operators also cooperate with famous brands and casinos become hot topics for those the greatest movie of all time, which brought the casino closer to everyone and became a favorite game for many years.

The Best Casino Movies You Should Watch

There are many popular movies about casinos that you should watch, here is a list of them.



This is a classic casino movie that you should watch. The story is about casino owners in the magnificent city of Los Angeles. No one does not know Ace Rothstein, a famous giant in the upper class with trendy and attractive casinos., Ace is the lucky guy to have two great companions. One is his best friend and the other is the love of his life.

His friend is Nicky Santoro, who is always by his side in his most difficult times and who is always there to support him in decisive moments, and his beautiful girlfriend Ginger is a charming, personality girl who deeply loves Ace.

But it’s not always happy with money, as evidenced by the fact that there are not many enemies around Ace. Nick is slowly getting into a vicious cycle of crime and he can’t get out of it when a series of bad things happen to his life.

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Mike is a guy who is too addicted to gambling, so he decided to put all his available money of 300,000 dollars to go to Teddy KGB’s place to bet with the hope of winning and winning tickets to the tournament. World-class poker.

To win this, he enlisted the help of his close friend Knish, but Knish understood that getting bogged down in gambling would bring bad consequences, so he always tried his best to stop his friend. Despite Mike still playing, very confident in his hand, he bet all and ended up losing all.

Faced with a difficult situation, Knish did not hesitate to help Mike again and help him come up with a clear plan to earn money properly, as for Mike, he also promised not to let gambling corrupt him. An old friend of Mike’s named Worm gets out of prison, and he convinces Mike to go back to his old ways, using old tricks to make a lot of money.

The Cooler

The Cooler

Bernie Lootza is the main character created by the screenwriter with the image of the luckiest man in Las Vegas gambling land. But despite being a very smart and talented person, he has a bad way of running the casino when he continuously reduces the winning rates of the gamblers to keep them playing at his casino for a long time, and at the same time increases the revenue from the casino from those frauds.

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Ocean’s Eleven

Oceans Eleven

Immediately after being released ahead of time, the super thief Danny Ocean embarked on an ambitious plan.

The target is the treasury containing the money of the three largest casinos in Las Vegas of the rich man Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia). Ocean made a list of recruits and in turn had 11 monsters in his hand, including the card god Rusty Ryan, brothers Virgil and Turk, an explosives expert, and an acrobat.

The reward for all is $150 million in cash, but their challenge is the casino’s state-of-the-art security system. Will Ocean get a huge fortune and most importantly, regain the heart of Tess (Ocean’s ex-wife) in Terry’s arms?

Those are classic casino movies that you should see once if you are a casino lover. You will love these movies.

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