Five Ways Technology is Connecting Us

When it comes to the internet, social media, dating apps, and more, people often complain about how technology is dividing us. There is a lot of truth to this, but is it because of the technology or how we are using it? Technology is separating us, but it also has the power to connect us in new, exciting ways. 

Whether you are motivated by the new world around us or are afraid of the results advancing tech could have, it’s vital to keep up with it to embrace the positives and avoid the drawbacks. However, you feel about it, below are five ways technology is connecting us.


Faster Transportation

First, one of the most significant ways that technology is connecting us is by making it faster to travel. Faster transportation is making our world smaller in several ways. Not only are their flights anywhere in the world you want to go, but they are also steadily getting faster. They are getting more comfortable too. Soon, drones will be flying us to places where we want to go. Commercial air might give way to more personal and private flights. Uber is already offering helicopters in New York City.

Furthermore, the way we transport by car and train will change. Between automated high-speed trains and self-driving cars, traffic will be mitigated. So will accidents. Artificial intelligence will create more effective routes and design better streets. Electric vehicles, as it turns out, are faster. There is no end to how faster transportation can bring us together from around the world.

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Efficient Delivery Services

The same goes for delivery services. Amazon has already changed the game and other companies are under the pressure to find new ways to make deliveries faster and more efficient. The only problem is that, if you’re not home, someone might come along and steal the package from your doorstep. However, as long as you have a parcel delivery locker nearby, you can get products shipped there instead and not worry as you go to work, run errands, or hang out with your friends. You won’t have to be there when your packages arrive to know that your purchases are safe in one of these lockers. 

Video Conferencing Software

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, people started to use video conference software. It became clear who was behind and who provided the best, clearest, and fastest telecommunication software. Now we can see and speak to someone across the world with a reliable connection. We can have virtual dates and hangouts with friends. If you are far away from someone you love, it’s a lot easier to connect with them and keep your relationship going. In this way, the world is getting smaller.

Data, Algorithms, and Personal Interests

One way that we are connecting more and more is through the data we provide social media companies. With this data, they create sophisticated algorithms to give us more of what keeps us on those sites. While this is often based on things we hate, it can also connect us based on personal interests. Whether it’s hate or love, this is the way that a lot of people are communicating. They are creating new ways for people to relate to each other based on their interests, likes, and dislikes.

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Unprecedented Shared Experience

Finally, it may sound abstract, but it is arguable that one-way technology connects us more than anything else through the shared experience we are all having with it. None of us have ever experienced what technology can do. Everyone on Earth is going through this time in human history together. People love expressing their wonder, dissatisfaction, and emotions. Whatever the case, this shared experience should bring people together—not move them further apart.

Technology isn’t going anywhere. It’s, in many ways, out of our hands. However, it’s also up to us to do with what we will. That’s why even if you don’t like where the future is headed, you should keep up with it. It’s vital to learn how tech is advancing to determine the right ways to use it. If you want people to use technology for good—to make the world a better place to live in—then you need to understand it and we all need to choose the best ways technology can help us become a better, more efficient, and more connected society.

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