What You Need to Start Your Own Salon?

After a lifetime of thinking about it, you’ve finally come to the decision that the time is right for you to open your beauty salon. However, between mapping out the plumbing in the structure you’ve chosen and designing a logo, getting the business started can seem more akin to a nightmare than the realization of your dream. 

It’s natural for people to feel as if they’re overwhelmed when they start a business. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place to get a few tips (in no particular order) on making it a bit easier. 

Start Your Own Salon

Get the Right Equipment

Once you’ve found the building you’ll be using, you’ll need to do a bit of research and order the major equipment you’ll need, such as styling chairs, shampoo sinks, salon stations, and even the salon POS software you’ll use. Do this a minimum of 8 to 12 weeks before you open in order to ensure that you have all the time you’ll need to get everything set up and clear any unplanned obstacles. Some of the items might arrive quickly, but it’s always a good idea to be safe rather than sorry. Make sure you cross reference the number of sinks, stations, and the other large pieces of equipment you order with the requirements set forth by your licensure/permits. 

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Plan and Establish the Business

Successful salons start with business foundations that are solid, from your business structure to your branding. The odds are that you’ve done a bit of daydreaming about the brand identity, and that can include everything from the interior décor to the beauty treatments you’ll offer to the business name and logo. Be creative and come up with a brand that’s luxurious, unique, cohesive, and fun. 

Once you’ve come up with the fun things, it’ll be time to use your business savvy. You need to create a business plan and research all of the requirements to open your salon in the location you’ve chosen. Then, you’ll need to get the licenses your area requires and apply for your tax IDs. Whatever business structure you decide on will have an effect on your taxes, so it’s critical that your research on this is thorough before you set everything up. In addition to the research you do personally, it’s a good idea to consult with a tax professional to assist you with making the final decision so that you’re well aware of each of the tax implications involved. 

Location and Operation

Once you’ve made a choice regarding your space and signed the lease, it’ll be time to begin prepping for day-to-day operations. This means that you’ll need to create the layout of the salon, map out the plumbing and electrical systems and get the utilities set up. You may also want to make a few renovations before opening to ward off any roadblocks you’ll come to along the way. 

Establish Values and Do Some Hiring

While you’re waiting for the renovations to be finished and the equipment you’ve ordered to arrive, it’s a good time to start doing a bit of hiring. However, before placing those help-wanted ads, you’ll need to establish the core values of your business so you can find talent that matches.

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Final Steps

Now, it’s time for you to install your new equipment and get all of the inspections you’ll need to run legally. Once you’ve done that, from newspaper ads to social media, start getting the word out about the fantastic new salon that’s getting ready to open. Take care of any finishing touches that may be needed, and make sure you’re ready for opening day. Happy styling!

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