Why Fleabag Has Become Such A Sensation?

This one-woman show has got her stuck to their screen for hours. In all honesty, I think we all have watched this show in just one sitting.

There are no breaks which we could have afforded, yes the show was that good!

So, why is the Phoebe Waller-Bridge-created show not having received a cult following but so many awards and accolades? There is no fantasy; there is no mystery. One would even call this show something out of ordinary life.

With a great tragedy ofc (which we wouldn’t be disclosed to anyone who hasn’t watched this show). But, this show is all about one person ‘Fleabag’ navigating her life through her mid-twenties.

There is nothing special, right?


Fleabag is that one shows that we definitely relate to. But, sometimes, the relatability is so painful that it makes us fall in love with the show over and over again.

I personally watched this show after a breakup and couldn’t believe how much it was able to help me out of this phase.

Ironically, the show is not about breakups. Plus, in the second season, it does show an epic love story.

Why Fleabag Has Become Such A Sensation

So, before I go into a rant, let us understand more about the show in general.

What Is Fleabag?

Fleabag is a one-woman show featuring Phoebe Waller-Bridge as ‘Fleabag.’ It aired on BBC in the year 2016, but you can download this show for free from Pirate Bay

The ever most talented Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who is a writer and a comedian, wrote and starred in this show as the dry-witted, unfiltered protagonist whom we all love.

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Who Is Fleabag?

In the show, ‘Fleabag’ is a woman in her mid-twenties navigating her struck by a tragedy, almost bankrupt life in London. The painful reliability comes from the dark humor that the character sometimes portrays through their unfiltered self. Reminding us painfully about the simple sadness in our unprivileged lives and how we try to make fun of it in order to take away the hurt a little.

The reason why this character was named Fleabag can be curiosity. But we have; Ms. Bridge came to the rescue in an interview; she said it was all about ‘creating an immediate subtext for the character.’

But that is the irony. She doesn’t look like your average Fleabag wearing rugged clothes and covered in dirt. She is well dressed, with dashing makeup and her red lipstick on.

Oh, the relatability!

How many times has this happened?

That our life is a mess, and yet we are trying to look good and make jokes just so we can hide. But, in reality, we are all Fleabags, living in our own filth of consequences of our actions.

What Is So Special

The reason why I am not elaborating upon the seasons is that I do not wish to give any spoiler to someone who is yet to embark on this masterpiece. But, in my defense, Fleabag is special.

Do you know why?

Because it is not just her who is navigating through life, you are her lifelong companion. More often than not, you will find her breaking the third wall and speaking to us like we are best friends.

There are gossips that only we know!

Secrets that only we know!


Yet again, that painful reliability strikes because she doesn’t have anyone else to speak to. She had a best friend, Boo… but now (Okay, no spoilers!).

Fleabag is a show about an angsty, angry, sexually frustrated, alone, sad woman, and yet it is a comedy. That is the real charm of the show!

It covers the mundane and the drama within the mundane and how similar it is to some of our lives.

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Why Should You Watch Fleabag

Fleabag is that one show which is your stop when you are sad. Yes, we do talk about relatability a lot!

But, the storyline is not always relatable.

The reason why I was able to get some relief is because of this odd feeling. If she could get out of it, so can I.

‘I just wanna cry all the time.’

This dialogue from the show is probably something we all relate to the most.

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