How to Beat Anxiety?

For someone who’s never struggled with anxiety, it can sound a lot like worry. However, while worry is often tied to a specific topic, anxiety is a visceral reaction or a state of being.

Worry may frighten you while you wait for the results of a medical test, but anxiety is a constant state of foreboding and often comes with a dangerous cycle of unhelpful thoughts.

How to Beat Anxiety

Stop the Spin

Many with anxiety feel a constant churning of stress and fear. Should you notice anxious thoughts ramping up and getting ready to roll right over you, build yourself a stopping ritual.

No matter the source of the anxiety, write down the phrase, “I should be afraid of _______!” on a piece of paper. Then flip over the paper and write the same sentence with the first two words flipped.

“Should I be afraid of _________?” The chances are pretty good that what frightens you really isn’t likely. Asking this question will also engage your creative brain and allow you to come up with answers to this question. Give yourself bonus points if you come up with something funny.

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Clear Your Head

Once you know you can stop the thoughts, you can move toward clearing your head. Anxious thoughts are a lot like cockroaches. Turning on the light may get them to move, but completely getting rid of them will take multiple treatments.

Meditation is one of those practices that sound really easy. However, it actually takes a lot of focus to think about nothing. Use a timer and work in increments of no more than 10 minutes at a time.

Light a candle if it helps to have something to look at, then remind yourself that your mind can be empty until the beep. When your mind gets obstreperous, guide it back to that empty space like a two-year-old who needs to wander. Be gentle.

Balance Your Gut

Caffeine and sugar can increase the rate of anxious thought production, while alcohol and junk food can increase the negativity. Own what you eat and drink so you can keep the thought production mechanism in your head both controlled and positive.

Keep a notebook, plan your meals, and don’t let yourself get too tired or too wired. If you’re sleepy, get up and move. If you’re agitated, get up and stretch.

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Use Supplements and Medications

Talk to your doctor about non-addictive prescription medications that can help you manage your anxiety. CBD tinctures are a good option for people just starting out.

According to HempFusion, tinctures allow you to tailor the serving to your body’s unique needs, allowing you to experiment with different dosages to see what works best for you. As with any supplement, be sure to discuss it with your doctor.

CBD products are often touted as a sleep aid, and a full dose can certainly help to control insomnia and help you fall asleep. However, CBD can also be micro-dosed to calm your mind without putting you to sleep.

You can also microdose with a vaping pen, or simply take a drop instead of a full dropper under the tongue. The benefits are endless when used responsibly.

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