Sam Ashgari says he and Britney Spears are staying ‘positive’


“We’re positive about it,” Ashgari told GQ.

“It’s something that happens to a lot of people. And one beautiful thing that I heard was when the baby’s ready, it’ll come,” he said. “So that was a beautiful thing somebody had said was, it’s a common process and the female body is just so amazing, and just the human body in general is so beautiful that it heals itself. And that when the baby’s ready it’ll be the right time.”

Spears announced in April that they were having a baby and then revealed a few weeks later that she had experienced a miscarriage.
The actor/model/personal trainer, who got engaged to Spears in September 2021, talked to the publication about proposing to the superstar.

Asghari said he enlisted the help of his sisters when it came to the ring.

“I figured with her taste, she wouldn’t want something super big and super celebrity,” he said. “Celebrities get that million dollar ring. And usually, it’s free because it’s for promotion, but I want it to represent something.”

“I want it to come from my heart and I want it to go to someone that wasn’t a big jeweler,” he added. “It was a big company but it was a company that was willing to do it the way that I wanted it…So I designed a really beautiful ring. It’s a princess cut, for a real life princess.”


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