Four Things to Know When Creating a Website

It’s fun creating a website. Not only is this a creative activity that helps you show off your design talent and your brand identity, but it’s the first step towards a profitable venture in the online world. But setting up a website isn’t always easy. You need to consider who hosts your site, which web designer you use, and how you’re going to set it up so that it gains you traffic, sales and profits.

Four Things to Know When Creating a Website

So, this guide is all about those considerations and what you need to know before setting off to create your very own website.


Your website needs a host. This is the entity that keeps your website online. But you’ll gain access to that host via a hosting platform, which is likely to provide additional services like website optimization and maintenance. The preferable option for a website first-timer is to choose a managed WordPress hosting platform that will help you to create a website that runs smoothly, with few issues.

The 24/7 support you get from these hosting platform providers means you’ll never suffer an outage or a period where your website is running poorly, costing you traffic and sales. 

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With your hosting taken care of, it’s time to consider who will build your website. Creating a website has never been easier for the novice: it’s just a case of getting onto a website template builder like WordPress and choosing how you would like your website to look. But if you’re interested in creating a more bespoke, unique, and tailor-made website, you should also consider hiring a web designer.

This individual will help you to realize your ambitions for your website, but they’ll naturally be more expensive than going it alone. So, this is a consideration to bear in mind before you set up your website.

URL Name

When you make a website, you’ll be asked to choose a unique URL that will direct web traffic to your website. Here, you want to create something simple that people can remember and type into their search bars.

Usually, this will be your company name, though you should be careful to avoid confusion with other companies that have a similar or an identical name. Adding your industry or sector to your URL can help – like “Aspire Publishing” – so that web users know which website they’re visiting.

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Your website isn’t just your home on the web. It’s also a place where you can gather more and more visitors and gain more and more customers. And you’ll get there by making your website perfect in the eyes of Google’s algorithms, which ruthlessly crawl through websites to assess whether they’re worth showing to web users.

In order to make your website more visible, then you’re going to want to bear SEO principles in mind – so-called “search engine optimization”. This is a way to make your website traffic go through the roof if managed right. You can partner with a marketing firm to make your website more search engine-friendly, increasing your traffic once it’s built. 

There you have it: four things to keep in mind when you’re building a website for your company. 

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