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Anime Girl is the most addictive comic art. For anime fans, the cute anime girl within these shows is the main draw along with the intensity of the plot.

Cute Anime Girl Pictures

Among the large numbers of eye calming and charming anime characters, here is the rundown of the cute anime girls.

1. Kanade Tachibana

Kanade Tachibana is an anime character from the tv show Angel Beats. Kanade may come across as the unreadable authority in ‘Angel Beats’. Kanade’s impassive nature often creates a negative image for her existence.

anime crossover angel beats kanade tachibana wallpaper preview
anime art angel beats
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Kanade Tachibana

2. Izumi Zagiri

Izumi Zagiri is an anime character from the tv show Eromanga Sensei. Zagiri is a social recluse, short-tempered, introverted little girl, who lives with her stepbrother in the anime series ‘Eromanga Sensei’. Here are some cute anime “Izumi Zagiri” pictures:

Wallpaper Engine Eromanga sensei Izumi Sagiri by Xroulen
loli anime girls izumi sagiri eromanga sensei wallpaper preview
thumb2 sagiri izumi manga eromanga sensei artwork girl with blue hair

3. Yoshino

Yoshino is an anime character from the movie Date A Live Movie: Mayuri Judgement. Yoshino is a spirit who is the true embodiment of cuteness. With a puppet bunny in her left hand, she will mesmerize you into becoming a fan.

date a live yoshino portrait uhd 4k wallpaper scaled

4. Mirai Kuryama

Mirai Kuryama is an anime character from the series Beyond The Boundary. Mirai Kuryama made her first appearance on screen in 2013 with ‘Beyond the Boundary’. The dark fantasy supernatural anime had 12 episodes with a story so compelling that Mirai set the bar high for ‘cuteness’. Extremely bad at lying, shy, and with low self-esteem, Mirai comes across as a very naïve person. Check out the cute anime pictures of Mirai Kuryama.

114 1146063 brown eyes brown hair glasses gorilla kuriyama mirai
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5. Megumi Kato

Megumi Kato is an anime character from the Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend. She personifies the flattest, emotionless character and hardly manifests her emotions animatedly.

katou megumi saenai heroine no sodatekata hd wallpaper preview

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