Top 5 Shows To Watch To Welcome This Fall Season

Movies have been a source of entertainment for us over the years, and there is probably no one left in this world who has not fantasized about their life with movie heroes. It’s not about timepass but more than that to us, and we find the ultimate realm of satisfaction with good movies. 

Here we are with the TV shows to relate with the current trends of waiting series instead of movies. With the help of technology and development, we are hunting for good tv shows more than movies. 


This is because we can watch those on the various streaming platforms without getting out of the house. So basically, we have the comfort zone and the series, which are long and thus tell us the detailed story. 

Movies are good for entertainment for 2-3 hours, but TV series consist of episodes and seasons to keep you in their world and show you every detailed development of the plots. Your concern might be how to watch those series for free! 

Top 5 Shows To Watch To Welcome This Fall Season

We are here to help you! After you hand-pick your TV series from this article, you can easily download those for free from Pirate Bay.

Shows To Watch This Fall Season

Winter is knocking on the door but doesn’t worry; you are not in the ancient age! You have your comfort, and you are home! Do you have free time as well? Oh! That’s great! 

This is your time to binge with these TV series that are coming soon to blow your mind.  

1. The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power

Let’s see what we have in the first place. 

Oh! It’s Lord of the Rings! Old one? No!!

It’s the new, The Rings of Power which is released on 2nd September.  

Middle-earth’s history is evolving into the small screen for the first time to give you the essence of the Second age. You will get the same kind of thrill that you have got in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit,” as it is set thousands of years before. 

The greatest villains of Tolkien and the unlikely heroes will be tested in the middle of ruin and the rise of kingdoms. You will experience the darkest depth and the majestic forests. 

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2. The Sandman

Yes! The king of dreams is back with his majestic power to control the dreams. 

Sandman, aka Dream, was imprisoned for more than a century, and now he is back! The Sandman! Will appear to you on 5th August. 

Now is the time to become restless in the dreams and travel through the different timelines and worlds to restore what is stolen from him. 

The DC Comics character will lead you through a suspicious and thrilling journey. So what are you waiting for? The Sandman is knocking at your door! Be free to open it! 

3. Under The Banner Of Heaven

Well, you do not have to wait to watch this detective series as it is already released! No matter what situation you are in, go for this series to inhale the acting of Andrew Garfield (Jeb Pyre). 

It’s about the unveiling of the murder of a woman and her baby due to religious conflict! 

It’s about suspicious and nail-biting interrogations, through which the detective is going to uncover the bitter truth under the banner of heaven. 

4. House Of The Dragon

This fantasy drama television series is being delivered to the public as Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon. 

Game of Thrones! Why?

This is because it will take place before the events of Game of Thrones, about 3000 years. HBO is the master of releasing master series, and this time, we also hope the same! 

This series is created by Ryan J. Condal and George R. R. Martin and will release on 21st august. This is based on Fire & Blood, created by Martin’s novel, and is the prequel to Game of thrones.

5. The Midnight Club

Another expectation is of the house with its horror particles! 

Christopher Pike’s novel The Midnight Club is the inspiration behind this American horror thriller. The eight members of the midnight club, manor, meet every night to discuss the sinister stories. 

Suppose you are a horror fan! You will find it interesting to watch out for the sins of supernatural instincts with those characters. Wait for it till the 7th of October and finish the rest before you get into this genre.

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To Conclude

What are you waiting for? 

Jump into your search screen and find out the trailers of each series, and you will know why these are on our list! 

It’s not just about choice but more than that! This series will let you dig into their world if you start researching them. 

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