Six Types Of MBA Degree Programs You Can Opt For In 2022

To boost your chances of employment, a graduate must pursue a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). Seeking an MBA consists of many programs like finance and marketing, enabling you to pursue a career of your choice. Pursuing an MBA can provide you with crucial knowledge and skills in various business areas, such as people management, that you need to succeed in the corporate world.

MBA Degree

In addition, an MBA degree makes you ready and prepared not just to get better jobs but start your own business. Even if you don’t wish to start a business, an MBA gives you a competitive edge over other applicants as you have specialized in a corporate-related field. Pursuing an MBA shows commitment to learning and improving, enabling you to succeed in your professional life. Moreover, as a graduate, you will likely feel more confident with the treasure of information you present while pursuing an MBA.

If you wish to pursue an MBA, here are six different types of MBA programs to help you find the perfect one for you.

Fully online MBAs

Are you a working professional or a student who doesn’t have time to join classes on-campus? If yes, you don’t have to worry about missing the opportunity to pursue an MBA because you can look for fully online MBAs. Online MBA answers the existing trends and needs in the corporate world. With an MBA General Online Program, you aren’t restricted to attending classes at a particular time. It enables you to view lectures and study whenever you feel like it. Not just that, it allows you to study at intervals throughout the day.

Moreover, a fully online MBA program eliminates the need to relocate. You can study on any device from the comfort of your house. It allows you to enjoy any learning atmosphere and study in any part of the world. In addition, with an online MBA, you don’t get restricted in terms of where you can work and how frequently you can travel.

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Full-time MBA

Full-time MBAs take around 1-2 years to complete. While pursuing a full-time MBA, you will be taking classes all day and most likely on-campus classes. Such a program is best suited for individuals seeking a big career turn. In full-time MBA programs, you will probably develop lifelong connections with class fellows from all around the globe. You get involved in student-operated clubs and extracurricular activities. 

In addition, full-time MBA programs are best for graduates who can delay working. However, they can expect to get paid better salaries in the future. Besides that, full-time MBAs have the luxury of benefiting from all on-campus recruiting efforts. Anyone pursuing full-time MBAs doesn’t have classes over the summer and is encouraged to take different business internships. It helps them gain more experience and practice their knowledge in the real world.

Double degree MBAs

Are you deciding to pursue an MBA, but you are interested in multiple fields? If that’s the case, you can pursue a double/ dual degree program. A dual MBA includes adding an extra master’s degree to an MBA to arm you with more knowledge and skills in particular areas of your interest. Enrolling in a dual MBA program means you need to juggle many workloads, but it allows you to develop a diverse network of professionals.

Along with simplifying two degrees by taking them in sequence, this type of MBA gives an edge when it comes to entering the corporate world. Moreover, dual MBA degree graduates might have a higher chance of securing better jobs than applicants with just one degree. A dual MBA degree opens new doors and improves the career prospects of any individual. In addition, a dual MBA degree means having the entire package required when it’s time to get a job.

Global MBA Degree

You might wish to work for a company overseas to lead a business with offices all over the world. Global MBA programs allow you to study industry through a global vision. This type of MBA degree aims to provide variety by combining various universities and campuses. Due to the combination of cultures, an international MBA might be more costly. But it helps you gain a comprehensive worldwide view.

Moreover, a global MBA provides you with an opportunity to expand your knowledge base. Its’ broad curriculum helps you look at how international companies operate and become successful. Besides that, the wide range of subjects improves your understanding and develops your interpersonal skills. Most global MBAs have students enrolled from all over the world, enabling you to engage with international business students and develop a strong network.

Part-time MBA

Pursuing a part-time MBA allows you to combine study and work as classes are conducted in the evening and over weekends. However, part-time MBAs usually take twice the time as full-time MBAs. This type of MBA degree attracts more career climbers than career turners. Such type of MBA degree emphasizes more on academics more than networking. In addition, part-time MBAs are perfect for people who wish to balance work with study. The classes are likely to be conducted outside of regular business hours to adjust the student’s working schedules.

Moreover, anyone who wants to develop their skills to get promoted can consider getting a part-time MBA. Besides that, if you have work experience and a part-time MBA, you can outshine your competitors. It helps you enhance your career, increase your capabilities, and become qualified enough for the next level. The length of a part-time MBA depends on the number of classes you take every semester. Typically, most students choose to have one or two classes every semester, completing the program in four to five years.

Specialized MBA

Individuals who already know which business area they want to enter, finance or marketing, are well suited for a specialized MBA. It allows you to study business and select an area of your interest. It will enable you to take courses with classmates who share similar interests. Not just that, it provides you with almost an entire set of curricula to enter. Moreover, pursuing a specialized MBA means you can customize your studies to position yourself better for the next step in your field.

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Final Thoughts

An MBA enables you to gain invaluable skills and develop a diverse skillset. There are various types of MBA degrees, allowing you to choose the best for you. If you wish to balance your work with study, consider getting a part-time MBA; otherwise, a full-time MBA might be the best option.  

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