5 Proven Hacks To Get Double The Views On Your Youtube Videos

YouTube is an American social media and video sharing platform where you can create & upload videos or watch unlimited hours of videos.

500+ hours of content is uploaded to YouTube per minute. And most of the videos watched by users are influenced by the AI recommendation engine of the video-sharing website. Therefore, it doesn’t surprise you might be struggling to increase views on your uploaded videos. 

So, while you have created your YouTube channel and invested a lot of time into making videos that appeal to your target audience, you are not getting enough views. Don’t lose hope because there are ways to increase views on your uploaded YouTube videos.

5 Proven Hacks To Get Double The Views On Your Youtube Videos

Read on to know more. 

Use custom thumbnails to drive CTR

Industry experts believe custom thumbnails work wonders when luring the audience into viewing YouTube videos. After all, thumbnails are the first impression of your videos, and it instantly engages viewers by telling them what the video is about. So, you must consider optimizing and personalizing the thumbnails of your videos if you want to increase the views.

Here’s what you need to know to apply bespoke thumbnails.  

  • Ensure to create thumbnails that are easily discoverable. So, it must be something exciting, like an image representing your subject. You can also write a unique thumbnail copy. 
  • Never use misleading thumbnails. The thumbnails must accurately showcase to your audience what the video is about so they can click and view the video. If you mislead your viewers, your video will get a stream of bad comments and dislikes. 
  • You need to select the right color for your video thumbnails. They must attract and engage your target audience. For this, you can try the BOGY technique, which stands for Black, Orange, Green, and Yellow. You can select a color among these because they are known for attracting the most attention than other color combinations. Also, when you choose a color for your thumbnails, ensure to be consistent. Use the same combinations throughout your videos to create a theme. Color themes help the audience associate the colors with your video channel on YouTube, and they will look forward to more videos uploaded by you. 

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Post your YouTube videos on Instagram and other social media platforms

An extremely clever hack to augment the number of views on your YouTube videos is utilizing social media platforms. You can include videos in your blog posts or articles and even publish them across social media networking sites. For instance, if you have more followers on Instagram, you can post a YouTube video on Instagram and create a lot of hype around your video. You can even post it on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. 

Also, don’t forget to allow your viewers to share the video with their friends and followers on their social media accounts or page. It will help you to get more views. 

Use keyword-driven and descriptive titles for your videos 

After creating tempting video thumbnails, the next step is to create attractive titles. It would be best if you create titles based on your videos’ content. If you have only uploaded high-end videos, but there’s no title to go with them, you won’t get any clicks on them. It would be best to tell your audience what your videos are about so they find the interest to click on them. So if you wish to enhance the click-through rate, you must come up with great titles for your videos. 

Here are some tips to help you develop titles that will attract a lot of attention. 

  • Conduct keyword research, shortlist keywords, and use them smartly in your video title. 
  • Your title copy must accurately describe what your video is about while being precise and to the point. 
  • You can even add the word ‘video’ to the title, so when viewers search for it on search engines, your video comes up quickly on the search results. 

Get more views by adding tags 

How will your target audience watch your videos if they don’t find them? So, make it easier for them to find your videos even if there are 500 hours worth of videos uploaded every minute on the platform. 

Using highly relevant tags can help your videos stand out from the rest and help the YouTube search algorithm crawl your videos easily. 

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Consider collaborating with well-known content creators or brands 

Collaborating with popular brands or content creators is a popular practice nowadays. It will help your videos to get a new audience. You can reach out to new people. But for the collaboration to be a huge success, you need to find the right people, reach out to them and create videos together. 

So, now that you know what to do to increase views on your YouTube videos, you need to get started applying them quickly.

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