5 Best TV Shows that Involve Casino and Gambling

The casino and gambling industry in the United States is always expanding, and the TV shows that involve casinos and gambling become one of the primary driving forces to growing the popularity of casinos and gambling in the United States and around the world. There are many casino and gambling TV shows you can watch today, which are recommended for you if you are an active online casino player.

Most of the casino and gambling TV shows will involve popular casino games people can play through various online casino platforms today, such as poker, blackjack, slots, and many others. Also, the good thing about these shows is that you can learn from the professional gamblers about how they are using their strategies to win their games. Here are the 5 best TV shows that involve casinos and gambling:

Casino and Gambling TV Shows

1. Breaking Vegas

Breaking Vegas is a documentary TV show broadcasted in the United States in 2004. This TV show tells a story about the MIT Blackjack Team, which is a team from various top colleges in the United States that attempts to use various advanced techniques to win at every casino in Las Vegas. 

There are 2 seasons of the show, and each episode of the show tells you about various aspects of casinos in Las Vegas, including how many people are trying to make money from the casinos, various card tricks, some legal strategies to win in casinos, and various other worthy information.

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2. Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal is a popular TV game show that started broadcasting in 2005, and it spans 5 seasons overall. In Deal or No Deal, the contestants will need to choose between 26 sealed briefcases that contain various monetary values, from 1 penny to USD 1 million. This TV game show involves the gambling aspects, as the contestants will need to guess the case that has the highest monetary value, which is USD 1 million, and the contestants have to stake the case they have got to go for a higher value.

During the Deal or No Deal seasons, there are 2 contestants that have won the USD 1 million case. These winning contestants are Jessica Robinson and Tomorrow Rodriguez.

3. Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is a long-running TV game show that combines the solving of word puzzles and spinning the wheel of fortune. The contestants will need to solve the word puzzles provided in the game show, and if they win, they can use the wheel of fortune to gain the various prizes presented on it. Also, the wheel of fortune itself has some gambling aspects in it, just like the slot machines you can find in various casino establishments.

The Wheel of Fortune show runs since 1975, and it is still an ongoing show you can watch today. So far, it has gone for 39 seasons in 2022.

4. King of Vegas

King of Vegas is the TV series that aired in 2006 in the United States, which focuses on various gambling activities, such as Blackjack, Texas Hold ‘Em, and others. At the start of each game, the players will get the $10,000 initial chips, which they can use to play various casino games. Players can bet with no limits in these casino games.

The players involved in this TV series include gambling professionals and amateur players, and there is an elimination system that takes place each week. For the weakest player or the loser, they will get eliminated for the week, until the game reaches the top winner after eliminating all the other players.

5. Poker After Dark

Poker After Dark is a television game show aired in 2007 in the United States, which has its primary focus on the game of poker. There are 13 seasons overall for this game show, with the last season aired in 2021. 

The show focuses on how the players play the game of poker to win the highest prize of $120,000 each week. Each player needs to pay the $20,000 buy-ins to get the highest prize. There are many poker professionals who get involved as the players in this game show, such as Antonio Esfandiari, Tom Dwan, Daniel Negreanu, and others.

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These are the best TV shows that involve casinos and gambling. Each show has its own charms and appeals, so you should check them out if you are interested in learning more about the world of casinos and gambling in the United States. You can watch the on-demand episodes for these TV shows on various TV channels or subscription services today.

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