Selecting the Right Helium Balloons for Party and Event Decor

Balloons are light in weight, affordably priced and available in a wide variety of colors. This makes them ideal for decorating various events like parties, weddings, sporting events. Since the balloon will usually burst after the event is over, the event organizer does not have to worry about transporting or disposing the balloons after the event is over. Most of the balloons available are filled with helium.

Helium Balloons for Party and Event Decor

Some of the factors which a person who wishes to purchase one or more helium balloon in Singapore for decorating his home, office, party or other event are discussed below.

1. Size

One of the considerations while purchasing the helium balloons is the size of the balloons. While twelve inch balloons are the most commonly used size of balloons , other sizes of balloons are also available.

The smallest balloons usually available are 7 inches in length and though these balloons are cheaper, they are also less noticeable if used for decor.

Though 11″, 14″ and 16 inches are other popular balloon sizes, larger balloons of size 26 inches are also available. However the larger balloons are more difficult to transport, and are likely to burst quickly since they require far more space.

2. Color

The cheapest balloons which are available are the metallic or normal color balloons which are available in most of the popular colors like red, green yellow, orange, blue, lilac, grey, violet, pink. The user can choose between matte or glossy finish.

Additionally the balloons are also available in chrome gold or silver finish which is more expensive.

However the most expensive balloons are the confetti balloons which have glitter on the surface and the latex marble finish balloons, because of their more complex design and manufacturing process.

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3. Pricing

The pricing of the balloons depends on a variety of factors like the size of the balloon, balloon design and quantity required. Usually the metallic or normal color balloons have the simplest design, are uniformly of one color, and the manufacturing process is simple, so these balloons are cheaper.

Additional effort is required to apply the chrome finish to the latex balloon uniformly, so these balloons are more expensive.

The glitter for the confetti balloons is scattered on the balloon, so it even more difficult to make these balloons properly, and they are even more expensive compared to chrome balloons.

4. Other factors

The seller will supply the balloons filled with helium, so that they float to the ceiling automatically. The balloons will have a string of the same color attached for easier handling of the balloon. If the buyers wants the balloons to float on the floor, he will have to order weights for the balloons separately.

Usually the seller will supply bundles of balloons, with each bundle containing ten to 15 balloons of different colors and designs. The balloons will usually last for 7-10 hours under normal weather conditions if they are handled properly.

The balloons may deflate faster if they are exposed to direct sunlight, higher pressure and temperature, friction. The balloons should also be kept away from the sharp edges and objects to prevent deflation.

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