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ExtraMovies casa

ExtraMovies casa is a highlighted name that is saturated with different domain names to keep providing their audience with real copyrighted digital media content free of cost. The platform is dedicated to dub all incoming blockbuster movies, whether they are Hollywood-based or Bollywood based with other than the Hindi language, and present them to the audience right away without compromising on the quality, and free of cost.

The website is banned in India for distributing copyright digital content for free. But this has not stopped the local company to provide for their audience who prefer to watch a rather Hindi-dubbed version of a movie, whether it is a Hollywood English language movie or a Bollywood movie other than the Hindi language. There is a list of not-ending movies dubbed in the Hindi language for everyone to browse and enjoy the movie in their understandable local language.

Why is ExtraMovies casa banned and what threats does it pose?

The platform offers free of cost movies to its users all across India – which alone costs the real producers a huge amount of loss. That is why international producers along with Indian producers, with rightful copyright ownership, have continuously filed complaints against the website. The governmental and international laws have proposed a ban on the firm with the help of cybercrime authorities. This alone is the reason how this website and other alternative pirated server databases pose a threat to economic norms.

What are the related domains of ExtraMovies casa?

Due to the imposition of a ban on the official website, the domain is blocked to be accessed by the users. But it has not stopped ExtraMovies to provide for their audience. They constantly shift domain names to bypass the restrictions. Some of the newly formed domains are:

  • Extramovies.casa
  • Extramovies.com
  • Extramovies.blue
  • Extramovies.host
  • Extramovies.org
  • Extramovies.trade
  • Extramovies.today
  • Extramovies.co.in
  • Extramovies.in

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How to download movies from ExtraMovies casa?

ExtraMovies casa provides a host to download from a database server – hence, the reason why no movies are lost or get deleted after the website is taken down. A new domain can always host the same server again.

Follow the step-by-step guide to access torrent files for downloading:

ExtraMovies casa
  • Connect to a VPN; to hide your identity and protect yourself from anti-criminal eyes
  • Go to the website
  • Search for the movie via the search option present in the upper right corner
  • Select your quality preference (360p, 720p, 1080p)
  • Click on Download, to download the torrent file

Is it safe to access ExtraMovies casa?

We cannot say that the website is safe to access. Because of the fact that it provides pirated versions of copyrighted movies and digital media, it is banned all across India and in many other contrives as well. 

The first unsafe alarm is that cybercrime authorities can catch you browsing illegal websites by filtering out the IP address of your system. This is why it is recommended to connect to a reliable VPN before you access the website; that would hide your IP address and you cannot be traced easily.

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ExtraMovies casa

Second – the malware and viruses. Because the platform is banned, it is not verified by Google to be a safe place to surf. Hence, attackers and hackers can easily penetrate your system with a simple click on an Ad. The Ads are not certified to be safe from any harmful external link; hence, that is why you can stumble upon any unwanted website or link that is unsafe, and get exposed to malware and viruses

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ExtraMovies casa

To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to use a reliable antivirus and keep scanning your computer now and then.


ExtraMovies casa is a gateway to blockbuster movies where you don’t have to pay to watch a newly released hit movie. All you have to do is have a VPN for safer surfing, and reliable antivirus to keep you from any harmful malware attacks and viruses. 

ExtraMovies casa is an illegal platform to watch-n-chill. The idea can not be supported as it poses threats to movie production companies and industries, and causes them a significant loss. 

However, the domain of the official website keeps changing from time to time. If you are a regular user and audience of the firm, you need to keep a check on constantly changing domain names. 


The idea of any illegal activity regarding ExtraMovies casa or any alternative platform is not at all supported by us in any sense. We will not be responsible for any break out its causes. You are advised to drop any of such illegal acts, or have precautions while surfing the website – if you are a regular user or audience of the website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • Are there any alternate options of ExtraMovies casa?

    Yes, there’s a bunch of alternatives you can explore, including:

    Jio Rockers
    Tamil Rockers

  • What are the chances that I can get caught surfing the website?

    Although there are not many cases such incidents are reported. But we still advise you to use a VPN to browse the website

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