What is Sugoi Dekai Meaning in English? Uzaki Chan Wants to Hang Out!

sugai dekai

Too Big!….So Big!….

Sugoi Dekai is a Japanese expression or phrase which means “So Big”. The phrase “Sugoi Dekai” consists of two words ‘Sugoi’ & ‘Dekai’

Sugoi means vast, intensely big, very large, incredible, surprising, and wonderful. And, Dekai means huge, big & gigantic.

Actually, it is present on the shirt of the character “Uzaki Hana” from the anime series Uzaki Chan Wants to Hang Out! Uzaki Hana is a character with a large breast and she wears the shirt with the phrase Sugoi Dekai and later it became a meme. Uzaki Hana, just like every teen, is excited to enroll in High-School; where she falls under an upperclassman’s obsession – Shinichi Sakurai. She thinks Sakurai is introverted and decides to spend as much of her time with him as possible. She follows Shinichi as he is her prey.

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After the arrival of the anime, Uzaki Chan Wants to Hang Out, there was a deluge of specialists attracting characters Uzaki’s trademark shirt, like Mega Milk; now and again putting them close to a character with little bosoms for contrast.

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A few watchers disagreed with Uzaki’s character plan and that she acted youthful, driving them to endeavor to update the character. The alters prompted a few redraws intended to stress what watchers saw as the low quality of the annoyed specialist’s work.

According to Fandom, he is an upbeat personality, and confident and sporty, and often annoys his classmate Shinichi Sakurai. Her silver hair is short, and usually wearing brown boots with a famous light blue shirt, black tights, and her famous Sugoi Dekai shirt.

The character’s popularity led to an explosion of internet editing and memes made using the Sugoi Dekai shirt and was often combined with other large-chested anime characters such as Mega Milk.

sugoi dekai

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