You can Survive a Renovation Mess – Here’s How

Home renovation can be downright stressful. The entire process implies challenging tasks, so it becomes harder and harder to keep up with everything. Even if you carefully planned the remodeling project, you can still encounter some unexpected problems on the way, and more often than not, you need to be mentally prepared to deal with them.

Living through the turmoil of such a major transformation can be overwhelming, especially if you can’t move out during the process. Take also into account that the final results can take up to several months to be seen, so it would be helpful to have patience and not rush things. You’ve probably heard the saying that good things come to those who wait.

Home remodeling implies a lot of ups and downs and, even if it seems complicated to handle them at first, remember why you have embarked on this journey – to finally live in your dream house.

You can Survive a Renovation Mess Heres How

With this in mind, here are some useful recommendations that help you stay sane while creating your dream home and ensure your renovation is smooth sailing:

Schedule your renovation in stages

If you renovate your entire house, it’s highly recommended not to remodel all the rooms at once. It would be best to start with your bedroom and living room since you spent most of your time there.

Then, you can switch to the kitchen and bathroom because they are the most functional rooms in the house and need to be finished as soon as possible. Consider transforming your living room into a makeshift kitchen while working on the actual one to make your stay in the house more comfortable.

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Create a clean zone

Having a clean and organized area in all the mess can help you forget about the stressful things coming with a renovation project. Depending on how much you renovate, you can choose from one of your bedrooms or living and transform it into a relaxing oasis that keeps you away from dust, noise, or any kind of distraction.

In any case, make sure the room you choose is large enough to accommodate all the stuff you need during the renovation, not to be forced to search for them in the construction zone.

However, keeping yourself safe in such an area doesn’t necessarily mean eliminating all the renovation chaos. Be realistic and get used to the idea that you are in the middle of a makeover.

Set and stick to a realistic budget

Setting a budget for remodeling is paramount because it helps you deal with any issues that may come along the way. You should be aware that a home renovation implies unexpected expenses, so it would be helpful to be financially prepared to cover them. Suppose you encounter problems with your wiring, you need to replace all the cabling. We know that these things are hard to anticipate, that’s why we suggest adding 10-20% to your funds for extra expenses.

If your budget is tight, try to focus on what matters first. For instance, equipping your kitchen with appliances should be on the top of your list, given that the kitchen is the most functional room in the house. But if you run out of money, consider taking a break and continuing your renovation when money is no longer a problem.

Avoid spending too much time in the house

Staying in the house in the mid-process of renovation can be pretty annoying. Many factors such as dust and noise may interfere with your well-being – that’s why it is recommended to spend as little time as possible in the construction zone.

Dust can also affect your health leading to allergies, coughing, or irritation of the eyes, so if you can move to another place during your renovation, we highly encourage you to do so.

However, if you don’t have any moving options while ongoing remodeling, ensure you have all the necessary conditions for increased comfort, such as water heating. Consider renting a boiler because it’s cost-effective and its installation effortless. Whether your heat option is by steam or hydronic, a temporary boiler is one of the best solutions for heating during renovation.

Stay organized

Whether you remodel your kitchen or the entire house, being organized will help you stay on track no matter the issues that might appear during the process. For that, ensure you create a daily schedule and follow it. It’s way better to know what you’re going to renovate a particular day to be more prepared and handle the situation successfully.

As for packing, it would be better to declutter your stuff before starting the renovation process so as not to have problems finding your belongings when the remodel is finished.

Consider renting a storage container and forget about any concern regarding your things because you’ll protect them from the damage and dust of construction. Unless you have a free garage to store your stuff, you can rent a storage container confidently.

Plus, decluttering your belongings is an excellent way of getting rid of unnecessary things. We know how hard it can be to say goodbye to your belongings due to their sentimental value.

But some of them can no longer be useful or went out of style and need to be replaced. So, anything you can live without, wrap up in a box or throw away. If your budget is tight, you can host a yard sale – you can put the additional funds toward the renovation project.

Get a good security system

You should be aware that your house will be more exposed during a renovation than ever, given that workers come and go and things are delivered quite frequently.

So, if you still think that leaving the key under the doormat is a solution, learn that it is not safe. Instead, consider monitoring the activity around the house by installing security cameras and improving the lock with a security code so that no one can access your home until your permission.

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Final thoughts

Renovation projects can be challenging, so you can easily get overwhelmed by all the things that need to be managed. That’s why we came up with some effective recommendations that we hope will make your renovation go smoother and help you stay on track with your goals.

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