The Best Composite Wood Decking in Singapore Price

A composite wood decking is an alternative to traditional timber or wooden decks. The main advantage of using composite wood decking is its durability compared with timber decks, which may need significant maintenance for a long time.

The Best Composite Wood Decking in Singapore Price

This article helps you understand the key factors to consider when buying a composite wood deck, such as its cost, warranty, sustainability, and installation considerations.

This article also provides future buyers with the list of best manufacturers and retailers in Singapore that deals with the type of product they need. Most people tend to associate the word composite with products that are made of plastics and other synthetic materials.

However, you can also find composite wood decks in Singapore, a mixture of wood fibers and synthetic resin. This is also similar to the decking material that you might see that is called “board and batten”, a type of flooring installed in buildings or homes.

Characteristics of Composite Wood Decking

The composition of composite wood decking has two types: fiberglass-fiberboard, which is more expensive and commonly used; and plastic-fiberboard, which is cheaper.

Composite decking is made of fiberglass and wood, a combination of plastic resin and fibers from the wood. When you look at the composite wood deck, it will be rectangular or rolled as a solid board. It has nail holes facing upwards so that you can easily attach these boards to the building with nails.

The width of each board comes down to around one meter and weighs about 1.2kg per square meter in weight. A regular composite decking will cost at least S$150 to S$300 more than a conventional wooden deck (depending on where and whether there are installation costs).

When choosing the best composite wood decking in Singapore price the most important factors to consider are costs for installation, warranty, and sustainability.

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Costs of Composite Wood Decking

When it comes to how much a composite wood deck should cost you to buy and install, installation costs are more detailed than just the raw materials you must buy.

The good news is that most composite wood decking manufacturers offer installation services, which will help you save some money. Other factors can affect the costs as well:

The quality of flooring used

Quality of Flooring

For any flooring installation, a quality product is always essential. However, suppose you want high-quality composite wood decking.

In that case, the best option is to choose one of the Malaysian manufacturers or companies like All-Star Wood Decking or Composite Decking Solutions. They have tested and proven their products in several countries such as Australia and New Zealand.

These local brands also have long-term contracts with distributors in different countries, so they can guarantee their ability to provide the best product price to all customers worldwide.

Labor and installation costs

Labor costs are also a key factor, and it will depend on how professional the workers are. If you want to install a composite wood decking yourself, you can save up some money by hiring local workers.

However, if you want to hire workers from overseas, you need to consider the cost of travel and possible visa fees. Some companies may charge their customers extra for their services since they can be more expensive than doing it yourself.

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Sustainability of composite wood decking

Compostable composite wood decking means consumers can compost them instead of throwing them away in landfills after use.

Composite wood decking with a low-density polyethylene core is more sustainable than composite wood decking with wood fibers and polyolefin resin. But, it may cost a little more.

There are different warranties for you to consider when buying products, such as composite wood decking. The warranty period depends on the manufacturer, but generally, it ranges from one to five years.

Some manufacturers have been known to franchise their products and have their warranty group, which covers all of their products worldwide.

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