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the witcher season 2

The Witcher is an American adventure television series released on Netflix on 20 December 2019. The series is based on the book with the same name “The Witcher” by Andrzej Sapkowski. It is created by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich. The Witcher Season 2 Release Date Netflix.

The First Season of The Witcher consist of 8 Episodes. And it’s based on The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny, which are collections of short stories that precede the main Witcher saga. 

Season 1 of The Witcher starts as Hostile townsfolk and a cunning mage greets Geralt in the town of Blake. Ciri finds her royal world upended when Nilfgaard sets its sights on Cintra. In Episode 2 of The Witcher, harassed and dismissed, Yennefer incidentally discovers a way to get out. Geralt’s chase for an alleged villain goes to damnation. Ciri looks for security in larger groups. 

In a while, Geralt takes on another Witcher’s unfinished business in a kingdom stalked by a ferocious beast. At a brutal cost, Yennefer forges a magical new future. Against his better judgment, Geralt accompanies Jaskier to a royal ball. Ciri wanders into an enchanted forest. Yennefer tries to protect her charges.

the witcher season 2

Indiscreet of alerts, Yennefer searches for a fix to reestablish what she’s lost. A puzzling man attempts to allure Geralt to join a chase for a rampaging mythical beast, a mission that pulls in a natural face. With the Continent in danger from Nilfgaard’s rising force, Yennefer returns to her past, while Geralt reexamines his commitment to the Law of Surprise. An alarming bunch of enemies lays Geralt low. A shaken Ciri relies upon the graciousness of an outsider.

The Witcher Season 2 Release Date

It’s good news for the fans that Season 2 of The Witcher is on your way. Henry Cavill recently confirmed the wrap-up of the Season 2 filming. As well as Netflix also confirmed that The Witcher Season 2 is coming at the end of 2021. Netflix renewed the series for Season 2 in Nov 2019, before the Release of The Witcher. There is no such release date announced by authorities but Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos told investors that it will premiere in Q4 2021.

As we know filming is wrapped up, but post-production of the series will take time because The Witcher needs a lot of SFX that will make it to the next level. So, we can expect the release of The Witcher Season 2 in November or December 2021 because the first season also premiered in December 2019.

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It’s a wrap video of The Witcher Season 2, hosted by the creator Lauren Schmidt Hissrich. She told that the crew and cast members shoot for 158 days in a freezing cold forest in the middle of the night. And they shoot in 15 different locations. She highlights this just to tell us that how big Season 2 of The Witchers will be.

She also revealed that there are plenty of new characters and monsters as well. Also, they adapt Blood of Elves in Season 2. With this Behind the scenes, we can expect the Trailer of The Witcher Season 2 in the summer time like in June or July 2021.


The Main Cast of The Witcher is going to remain the same but there are some new characters coming in The Witcher Season 2.

  • Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia
  • Freya Allan as Cirilla “Ciri”
  • Eamon Farren as Cahir Mawr Dyffryn aep Ceallach
  • Anya Chalotra as Yennefer
  • Joey Batey as Jaskier
  • MyAnna Buring as Tissaia de Vries
  • Royce Pierreson as Istredd
  • Mimi Ndiweni as Fringilla Vigo
  • Wilson Radjou-Pujalte as Dara
  • Anna Shaffer as Triss Merigold
  • Mahesh Jadu as Vilgefortz of Roggeveen

Netflix has revealed more new characters:
the witcher season 2 cast

  • Yasen Atour as Coen
  • Agnes Bjorn as Vereena
  • Paul Bullion as Lambert
  • Kristofer Hivju as Nivellen
  • Thue Ersted Rasmussen as Eskel
  • Aisha Fabienne Ross as Lydia
  • Mecia Simson as Francesca

Predictions for The Witcher Season 2

Let’s do some prediction for The Witcher Season 2:

Yennefer meeting Rience: They may develop that to give the actors something to do while Geralt and Ciri are at Kaer Morhen. Particularly Jaskier part – possibly we will see a greater amount of him on some spying mission from Dijkstra.

Dijkstra/Philippa characters: They additionally could utilize them more – before Geralt associates with them. They could be utilized as a “condition of the world” data dump.

Kaer Morhen and witchers: I would guess that we will spend there 2-3 episodes of the Ciri/Geralt storyline. I really wonder though if other witchers will be given a bigger role in the show. If they will get some stuff to do perhaps setting them for up future seasons. I do realize in the book they don’t do jack shit past the first book but I wouldn’t mind seeing them a bit more down the line. Also, the Leshen fight thing will be one of the other witchers? Maybe as an introduction to one of them.

Geralt/Ciri/Triss travel with Yarpen should last more than an episode. The nice little story arc for an episode.

Temple of Melitele and Ciri stay there is probably 2-3 episodes. Maybe one episode before Yennefer gets there and two after?

Geralt on the boat could also be an episode for his story. Some good/funny conversations were had there.

Northern Kingdoms/Mages¬†all that legislative issues stuff. They could by one way or another tie in scenes like NK ruler’s secret culmination, Emhyr little scene from BoE, and Vilgefortz/Tissasia/Artaud (in the event that he will be a character in the show, could give his part to Stregobor or Antonius meeting.

Geralt in Oxenfurt with Jaskier/Shani/Dijsktra/Philippa chase for Rience. Michelet Brothers could be given a bigger role. And that showdown could be a season finale type of thing.

The witcher season 3

I could be failing to remember something. In general, I feel like Ciri and Geralt have a great deal of stuff to go through in BoE. Yennefer then again could utilize some more story in the season. We will see I presume.

With respect to Thanedd, I don’t figure they should attempt to push it in this season. It’s excessively significant of an occasion with numerous characters in a single spot at one time that slingshots further occasions in numerous different bearings. In my assessment, it would fit halfway through The Witcher Season 3.

Don’t forget to drop your thoughts below, we want to know what you predict for The Witcher Season 2.

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