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fortnite mythic weapons

Fortnite is a World of endless experiences for game freaks. Dive in onto the Island and compete to be the last player standing. Team up with other players to be the last standing team. Hang out with friends, watch a movie or concert. Or be a warrior! Make your stand and defend your island against the mod of monsters.

Epic Games released Fortnite Chapter Two, Season 6, on March 16 with enormous graphic details that concluded the previous season’s Zero Crisis Finale.

The aftermath of zero crisis should let players have incredible journeys throughout the new season. With new mechanics added like Hunting and crafting, players get a ton of options to pass good time here.

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fortnite mythic weapons

With many other challenges incorporated in season 6, Fortnite mythic weapons are the ones to look forward to. Whilst searching weapons of uncommon, rare, and epic rarity is easy, searching mythic weapons is big of a task to successfully get hands on these weapons.

Since it is the center of attention to find Fortnite mythic weapons in this season, most of the players will hunt down for it. The competition to attain the new mythic weapons will be high. This means players will be targeting each other on the battlefield before reaching out on the ultimate locations-more about this in while- to attain the weapons. 

Mythic weapons enhance the plausibility of a players’ chance to win by a decent margin. Players could add these powerful items to their inventories and make it needful when playing the popular Battle Royale Game.

Stay with us to know the ultimate locations of the fortnite mythic weapons and how do you get them.


fortnite mythic weapons

Mythic Spire Jump Boots & Spire Assassin Primal Shotgun are the two fortnite mythic weapons of season 6.

This article will take you through the procedure of finding the exact locations, and ultimately adding these weapons in your inventory.

Spire Assassin Primal Shotgun

fortnite mythic weapons

To get hands-on with the shotgun, players will have to defeat the Spire Assassin. To reach her, players will need to make their way to the center of the map to the landmark called The Spire. It looks easy to think of the Spire Assassin to be available at the top of the towers, but she doesn’t have a fixed place to roam around in the landmark. She is always patrolling around the buildings. So, you will have to be careful.

Her health bar is always visible through the tower bars, thus making it easy for you to locate her. Spire Assassin does not really use a shotgun unless the player reaches too close to her. Keeping a practical distance from her is advised since she can one-shot anyone with the shotgun without having to have any shields. Take her down and you will be able to lay hold of the most powerful weapon for yourself. 

Mythic Spire Jump Boots

fortnite mythic weapons

Mythic Spire Jump Boots require the players to reach out a couple of places before they could claim the Mythic Spire Jump Boots.

To get on this weapon, you will have to defeat the Spire guardians. There are five of these Guardians, located at the edges of the middle section of the map. It might look easy to defeat Spire Guardians, but just like Spire Assassin, there is no specific place to locate these guardians. They also have unique talents that make them quite challenging to take down. 

Once you defeat the guardian, you will get an epic weapon emitting light, the orb. Picking up the orb will disable your weapons, and you will have to take the orb to the center of the map.

You will be able to jump higher while holding the orb. The light flowing will guide you and take you to the point where you actually need to be. You will have to follow the direction of the orb. It will take you to a shrine where you need to insert the orb. After some animation to follow, it will drop off a pair of Spire Jump boots.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • What are mythic weapons in Fortnite?

    1. Mythic Spire Jump Boots 
    2. Spire Assassin Primal Shotgun 

  • What are Best Mythic Fortnite Weapons and Items in Fortnite So Far?

    1. Midas’s Drum Gun From Chapter2 Season 2
    2. Mythic Boss Skye’s Assault Rifle and Skye’s Grappler
    3. Mjolnir Strike
    4. Infinity Blade
    5. Mythic Goldfish

  • How do you get free V bucks?

    In each season you can get V bucks either by purchasing them or by earning them through free pass or Battle pass. To purchase, log in to the store and place your order. Both options are available to the players and are upgraded as the player progresses through the levels.

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