8 Things To Do on a Cruise

Whether you’re an experienced cruise guest or booking your very first trip, part of the fun during your vacation is all the activities your cruise ship has to offer. From on-board entertainment to arcades to local excursions and adventures, the whole family is likely to find something they love.

8 Things To Do on a Cruise

In case you aren’t sure what to expect (or what to look forward to the most), here are seven common cruise activities.

1.) Enjoy a Movie

No, we don’t mean in your cabin. Plenty of cruise lines will showcase feature films right on their main deck! You can grab a lounge chair, cozy up, and enjoy your favorite move in the crisp night air on the ocean.

Plus, you can bring as many snacks and treats as you want either from your room or the shop onboard.

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2.) Drink All Day

Plenty of luxury cruise lines include free drinks for their guests’ entire trip. This means you can spend each morning sipping mimosas and enjoy each dinner with a glass of wine. You might even have access to local brews and specialties as you reach your port cities and explore the towns.

Keep in mind, what is included in a cruise depends on the cruise line you book through and the type of cruise you choose.

3.) Dine in Celebrity Chef Restaurants

Although it’s unlikely Gordon Ramsey or Emeril Lagasse will make an appearance on your cruise, it’s not unlikely to enjoy meals inspired by their expertise.

Celebrity chefs often endorse affiliated restaurants on cruise lines so guests can enjoy stunning meals during their vacation. Some cruises are even centered around these menus!

4.) Choose Your Evening Entertainment

One of the best things about a cruise is the entertainment. There are things like Broadway shows, famous bands, comedy acts, and more on the itinerary.

You can choose an upscale night of classical music or a dress-down evening of laughs and spectacles. It’s totally up to you!

5.) Be Active

Not all the entertainment requires you to take a seat. Cruise lines also feature things like skydiving, zip-lining, sky riding, and even ropes courses. So if you’re more in the mood to get your adrenaline up and do something you can’t find on the mainland, this is the time! 

If the adrenaline rush isn’t so much you’re thing, then you can be active in other ways. Cruise ships almost always include large pools for guests where you can swim laps or play pool sports. Plus, many lines offer things like put-put golf that’s fun for the whole family.

6.) Treat Yourself

Sometimes you need a little help relaxing, and your cruise ship won’t be short on opportunities to do just that. You can retreat to the onboard sauna or book a day in the spa for much-needed R&R.

Let the professionals pamper you to the fullest with a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, and other specialized treatments to make your cruise the most relaxing vacation you’ve ever had.

7.) Stargazing

The lights in the city often make it impossible to really see the night sky. On a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean, however, you have a much better view. Sneak onto the deck at night and lay back in a beach chair to get a good look at all the stars.

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8.) Stay In

We know you want to go on a cruise to get away, but sometimes a day staying in can help you recharge for your next adventure.

Book a room that you know you’ll be comfortable in and take a down day hanging out in your bathrobe. Order room service, watch TV in bed and enjoy having all the comforts of life come to you.

There’s so much to do on a cruise, you’ll probably have a hard time picking what activities to leave behind. Do your research, know what’s on your cruise and make a plan before you board to make sure you don’t miss anything fun!

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