Top 4 Methods To Download Twitter Videos

As you scroll through social media all day, you’ll definitely come across various video content—from cute, funny clips of babies, to informational videos and even entertaining ones. Sometimes you may want to hold on to the videos for future use.

For example, a video would make an excellent entry in your meme folder. Other times you want to share the video from one social media platform to another. To share the video, you’ll first have to download it. Unfortunately, if this video is on Twitter, downloading the video may be difficult. 

Downloading a video from Twitter isn’t easy. But just because the process is complex doesn’t mean it can’t be done. If you follow the four top methods discussed in this article, you’ll download your favorite Twitter videos in no time and share them with your friends.

Top 4 Methods To Download Twitter Videos

Keep reading to learn more. 

Third-Party Apps 

You’ll need to use third-party apps like a free Twitter video downloader to save videos from Twitter. However, how you use the application will differ depending on the device you use. In other words, the process might differ when you’re using a computer, Android, or iOS. This article will discuss the various methods further:

1. Download Twitter Vidoes On Your Computer 

When downloading Twitter videos on your computer, the best third-party applications to use are Twitter Video Downloader and Save Tweet Vid. The two websites make the process easier. However, you can use any other application of your choice. Generally, here’s the process you must follow: 

  • On a web browser of your choice, go to You don’t have to log in to your account, although there’s no harm in doing so. 
  • On, find the tweet which has the video you want to download 
  • Right-click on the date of the tweet to generate a permalink to the tweet. 
  • Copy the generated link 
  • On another tab, open the third-party downloader app of your choice. For example, if you have decided to use Save Tweet Vid, open it in a web browser by searching 
  • On the website, paste the generated permalink of the tweet containing the video, then press enter. 
  • Depending on the application you’re using, it’ll give you options on the video quality you want to download. Sometimes the options are in the size of the file. The best quality is MP4 since it has the highest resolution. Similarly, the larger the video file, the better the quality.  
  • Once you select the size of the file or resolution, click enter and wait for the video to download. 
  • After downloading the video, save it on your computer using a name that will be easier to remember. 

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2. Download Twitter Videos On Android 

When downloading videos on your Android device you need a third-party application like Download the free + Download app or the Download Twitter Videos App. They’re the most recommended Twitter video downloaders for Android. Here’s a step-by-step process to guide you:

  • The first step is to download and install the third-party application you’ll be using. In this case, let’s use the Download Twitter Videos app.  
  • After you have installed the application, it’ll appear among the options of applications you can share a message to. This will make it easier to share the tweet that has the video you wish to download 
  • On your Android device, open the Twitter app or access it via your mobile browser.
  • On Twitter, locate the tweet that has the video. 
  • Once you have the tweet, tap on ‘Share Tweet Via,’ then click on the option of the Download Twitter Videos application you just downloaded. 
  • By sharing the video with the third-party app, it automatically downloads. However, press the download button if the video doesn’t automatically download.  

This process is universal for any other third-party app you may decide to use as long as you have an Android device. 

3. Download Twitter Videos Using iOS Devices 

Download Twitter Videos Using iOS Devices

Downloading twitter videos on iOS devices such as iPad and iPhones is more complicated, and it may take more time. Here’s how: 

  • Start by downloading the MyMedia app. MyMedia app is a download and file manager that helps you download, manage, organize, play, and export downloaded files on your iPhone or iPad. You’ll need it for the Twitter video you’re about to download.
  • On your iOS device, open the Twitter app.
  • Search for the tweet containing the video you want to download. 
  • Click the ‘Share Tweet Via’ icon. Copy the URL link so that it’s saved on your clipboard 
  • Go to the just downloaded section on MyMedia app.
  • On the menu of the MyMedia app, type and search the link. Doing this will open the website on the app.
  • Scroll down the results page until you see ‘Enter Video.’ On that field, tap it so that the cursor can appear. 
  • When the cursor appears, paste the Twitter link copied on your clipboard earlier. 
  • Now press the download button. Almost immediately, a prompt to name your video will appear. Name the video in a way that you won’t forget. 
  • Once you have saved the video, tap on its name. You’ll be prompted to save the video on the camera folder of your iOS device. 

4. Use Chrome Extensions 

The last method for downloading a Twitter video is by using a Google Chrome extension. However, this method only works if the video was sent to you via Twitter messages (DM) 

  • On the Chrome web store, search Video Downloader Professional extension.
  • A pop–up, ‘Add To Chrome’ will appear. Click on it to add the extension to your Chrome browser 
  • On the Chrome browser, search or open Twitter. 
  • Open Twitter and go to your Messages. 
  • Play the video in your Dm. When playing the video, a notification on the extension will appear 
  • Click on the notification, and you’ll be given options to download the video in different file sizes 
  • As mentioned before, the larger the file size, the better the quality. 
  • Therefore, select the largest size, tap on it, and the video will automatically start downloading 

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Wrapping Up

Twitter may not allow users to download video content straight from their platform, but there are ways around it. The catch, however, is that you have to use a third-party app to make it possible. And if you’re using Google Chrome, you need a reliable extension.

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