How Lawyers and Attorneys Can Benefit From Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing for legal services is something you might not have considered for your law firm. Law firms often get new business through traditional advertising or word-of-mouth. Referrals from family, friends, and colleagues are sources for a significant percentage of new clients.

However, the 2019 Legal Trends Report states 57% of consumers look for a lawyer on their own, with online searches increasing. This trend means that any law firm that wants to connect with these consumers needs to have a website and market online.

How Lawyers and Attorneys Can Benefit From Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing for Lawyers

Digital marketing may seem like a confusing and complicated process to find new clients. Working with a digital marketing agency for legal services will help you focus on the most effective and efficient ways to reach your ideal demographic.

The first step is to build a website or, if you already have a website, then expand it with your online marketing goals in mind.

You may be thinking that you already have a website, and you don’t get many qualified leads from it. But this is where a legal digital marketing agency can streamline your online marketing strategy, focusing on specific goals, to offer your law firm numerous benefits.

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Benefits of Digital Marketing for Attorneys

Digital marketing has several benefits for lawyers that will drive traffic and qualified new clients to your firm.

1. Improved Branding and Awareness

There are many ways to improve branding and awareness online, starting with building or expanding your company’s website. The goal is to build awareness of your law firm in a way that gives you the right kind of attention. You can target the ideal type of clients that your firm specializes in to encourage them to contact you.

Branding starts with your website and its content. You can reuse or repurpose old content and create new content that draws in clients and answers initial questions before they contact you directly.

Your website is an introduction to your law business similar to a business card or brochure. The difference is that you can adapt your website continues to draw the right clients for your firm.

2. Building Trust and Authority

Building trust with clients is a primary concern for attorneys. Clients won’t be comfortable with sharing their legal problems with you unless they trust you. They also need to know that you are an expert in your field, and therefore, can help them resolve their legal problems.

A legal digital marketing agency can help you build your authority and credibility online, resulting in new clients who already know your level of expertise before they contact you directly.

By providing content on your website that answers frequently asked questions (FAQ) new clients have in your niche, you are establishing your law firm as a credible authority they can trust.

3. Expanding Your Client Base

Digital marketing will expand your client base by accessing the power of Google and other search engines. By providing high-quality content that is germane to your legal niche, you will give Google the ability to match your content with the right searcher queries.

In other words, Google will put your firm on the search engine results page (SERP) for questions that your website can answer. People who are searching for legal information that you are an expert in will be directed to your website.

If you have content that is search engine optimized (SEO) for your target audience, Google will send you potential new clients that are already interested.

4. Cost-Effective Marketing

Attorneys find that digital marketing is a cost-effective way to reach potential clients. While traditional methods of marketing such as print ads and TV commercials can drive new business, they are costly in two ways. One, you pay for each ad printed or shown on TV, and two, you don’t know if they are reaching the people who are the right fit for your expertise.

Digital marketing works in a completely different way. You can target your ideal audience and track the results, so you know in real-time how people discover your website and which ad caught their attention.

Additionally, many digital marketing campaigns are charged per click instead of per ad display. So, you are only paying for people interested in your services.

You can easily test new marketing campaigns to see which gives you the best return on investment (ROI). Then, you can continue to tweak your campaign to make it more productive to reach the highest number of potential clients. You can continue to adjust your digital marketing campaign as trends change to draw the right people to your law firm.

5. Social Proof

While you can say you’re trustworthy all day long, that might not convince some people. Those people need more proof that you are the right expert to help them with their legal troubles. After all, many people find it difficult to trust strangers. Social proof can help you connect with these people.

Customer reviews are a good example of social proof. You can ask your clients to review your firm by rating it and posting a message about their experience. Would you go to a restaurant that had bad ratings? Probably not.

If you are traveling and looking for a restaurant nearby, you would likely choose one with good ratings. Reviews work the same way with lawyers and law firms. Brand new clients are likely to weigh good reviews in their decision to contact you.

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6. Beating the Competition

By fine-tuning your website, using SEO techniques, improving your content, and offering social proof, your law firm will have an advantage over your competition. Working with a professional in digital marketing for legal services, you can learn what queries your competition is ranking for in the SERPs.

Then, you can campaign to improve your ranking for those keywords. With a constant focus on ranking at the top of Google for your profession, you will continue to attract new clientele. And not only will you get new clients through your website, but you will also increase referrals from these new clients.

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