How to Select the Best Coffee Beans?

If you want great coffee, then you must be able to select the right beans. Most people nowadays take coffee in the morning and the evening to improve their mood and stay active. Even if you purchase a high-quality coffee machine and get some low-quality beans, you’ll still get a little difference in the coffee taste.

The two main types of coffee beans are Arabica and robusta. Arabica coffee beans have more sugar and less caffeine than their counterparts’ robusta coffee beans. Robusta coffee beans are also less acidic and more bitter.

How to Select the Best Coffee Beans

If you want to get the best coffee beans, visit Choosing the best coffee beans has been a challenge for many people. Below is a guide on how to select the best coffee beans:

1. Roasting date

This is probably the first thing you need to check when selecting coffee beans. If you buy coffee beans from a retail store, you might not necessarily see the expiration date.

Typically, coffee doesn’t expire. However, when exposed to elements such as heat, moisture, and oxygen, its chemistry starts to change. This change in chemistry results in the aging of the beans, thus changing their taste.

You can only get the right taste when the beans are fresh before being exposed to such elements. The best coffee beans should not have lasted three weeks or more since the roasting date. Aging beans don’t have better flavors.

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2. Growing conditions

It’s essential to consider the growing conditions of coffee beans. These conditions include aspects like climate, altitude, and topography.

They all influence the coffee quality and taste. Additionally, its processing can also impact its quality. Naturally processed coffee tends to have concentrated flavors and sugars.

3. Arabica vs. Robusta

Typically, there are more than 100 coffee types across the globe. However, the main ones are Arabica and robusta. Statistics show that the Arabica species covers 75% of the coffee production across the world.

This coffee is made in high-altitude regions. The only downside of these coffee species is that it’s not disease resistant.

On the other hand, robusta coffee does well in low-altitude areas and is pest resistant. Most people like Arabica coffee more than robusta coffee since it’s well refined.

4. Degree of roasting

Coffee Beans

The roasting level of coffee beans plays a significant role in determining their flavor and taste. A medium roasting level is the best, especially for espresso.

Light roasting contributes to increased acidity. On the other hand, extreme roasting makes the beans lose their original flavor.

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5. Single-origin vs. Blended

Depending on your taste and preferences, you can also consider choosing single-origin or blended coffee beans. Single-origin coffee beans originate from a single estate and have a distinctive flavor that isn’t necessarily balanced.

On the other hand, blended coffee beans involve a combination of several coffee beans from various species. Most people prefer blended coffee since it appears heavier.

Most blended coffee beans can be roasted first or after the blending. Some people prefer pre-roasted beans since they give a unique flavor.

In conclusion, these are tips to help you select the best coffee beans. Every time you select the right beans, you won’t be disappointed by the outcome of your cup of coffee.

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