Tips For Buying The Perfect Pair Of Men’s Sports Underwear

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing yoga, running, or biking, every guy should own at least one great pair of men’s sports underwear. After all, no one wants to be uncomfortable while they’re sweating it out in the gym or pounding the pavement on their morning run.

Tips For Buying The Perfect Pair Of Mens Sports Underwear

Follow these simple tips to find the perfect sports underwear for men to help your workouts go as smoothly as possible.

1. Flatten Your Boxers.

If you have an athletic build, wearing a pair of boxers that fit perfectly will be the best choice for you. Regardless of the pattern or print your boxers come in, buy a pair that holds on to your thighs and just about below your belly button.

This way, you’ll ensure that the waistband isn’t digging into your sides when you’re exercising, which can lead to painful chafing and blisters.

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2. Check Your Rise Lengths.

Many guys have a tendency to wear boxers that are too tight – they don’t give you enough range of motion as you work out.

If you find yourself using your underwear as an excuse to avoid working out, change it up and get a pair that sits right under your groin.

These are going to provide you with the best range of motion without ever having to move your feet while exercising.

3. Find The Right Fit.

Finding the perfect fit for sports underwear isn’t hard, but it does take some trial and error. Most pairs come in small, medium, large, and extra-large, so you can easily get the right size for your body.

To make sure your underwear isn’t riding up while you’re working out, buy a pair that feels tight against your skin but doesn’t pinch or feel like it’s cutting off circulation.

Most guys should wear a size small in men’s sports underwear.

4. Consider Lightweight Fabrics.

Mens Sports Underwear

When choosing a pair of men’s sports underwear, look for breathable cotton and wool fabrics that are designed specifically for use during exercise.

These fabrics are designed to absorb sweat and wick away moisture, preventing chafing and rashes underneath your clothing.

If you can find a pair with stretch capabilities, that’s always a plus – these will give you the best range of motion without any foreign objects tugging at your groin or waistband when you’re moving around during exercise.

5. Choose A Design That Works For You.

The design of your underwear can make or break how comfortable you feel when you’re exercising. Many guys like boxer briefs because they offer generous coverage without being too tight, which means more freedom of movement during exercise.

If you prefer a tight fit, choose a pair of briefs that are designed for athletic wear – they have a snug, form-fitting design that won’t ride up on you while you’re working out.

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6. Avoid Overdoing It.

While it’s tempting to buy every pair of fabulous men’s sports underwear in the store, be sure not to go overboard when shopping for new underwear.

The perfect pair really only takes a few seconds to find – if you can’t find the right style or fit at your first stop, then move on and don’t give up. There are plenty of great pairs out there!

A great pair of men’s sports underwear is an essential part of your everyday workout wardrobe. Whether you’re running, biking, or hitting the gym to lift weights, make sure you own a few pairs that are designed for athletic wear.

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